VCU Loses In Overtime Thanks To Bonehead Foul

This is crazy. VCU was up five with 30 seconds to play and managed to piss this game away, losing 77-75 in overtime to Stephen F. Austin. With 10 seconds, and a 67-63 lead, VCU missed two free throws. Whatever, right? The game is basically over. Let them take a shot, worst case scenario: they hit a three and you're … » 3/21/14 10:59pm 3/21/14 10:59pm

The VCU Band Director Is Just As Buoyant In The Wild As He Is At The Games

A dedicated Deadspin reader, known around here as Malik Sealy Dirt Mattress, made it to San Antonio this weekend to see the finale to the Southwest Regional. Out on Saturday night, he and a friend spotted somewhat known-person Ryan Kopacsi, the gyrating director of the VCU pep band and — as Out Sports carefully… » 3/28/11 7:15pm 3/28/11 7:15pm

The VCU Pep Band Makes Its Director Gyrate Uncontrollably And Sometimes Strip

This is Ryan Kopacsi, director of the very-popular VCU pep band and also, apparently, a male model. He's known around the university and amongst pep band circles for his overenthusiastic dancing and for often removing his clothing during games. At VCU, this is apparently called "TTS," or Time To Strip, and the whole… » 3/21/11 2:30pm 3/21/11 2:30pm