VCU Fans Successfully Pull Off Fake Shot Clock Countdown

The fake shot clock countdown is a staple in college arenas across the country, but it only occasionally works. It's not too difficult for players to glance up at the big shot clock above each basket, and they're usually smart enough not to trust the opposing fans. I'm not positive the VCU fans tricked UMass guard… »2/21/15 1:32pm2/21/15 1:32pm

Shaka Smart-To-Marquette Reports Came From Student Journalist

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel now tells us Shaka Smart is not likely to take the head basketball coaching position at Marquette. Why, then, were TV stations in Milwaukee all breathlessly reporting the breaking news that he'd be the new leader of the Golden Eagles? A source inside one of those newsrooms tells us this… »3/25/14 5:11pm3/25/14 5:11pm

Former VCU Women's Volleyball Coach Claims He Was Fired Because He Is Gay [UPDATE: The University And Ed McLaughlin Sent Us An Official Statement]

James Finley has been the VCU women's volleyball coach for the past eight years. This season, Finley's team performed surprisingly well after moving into the more competitive Atlantic 10 conference, finishing with a 25-6 record and a trip to the conference semifinals. So Finley was shocked when he was fired on… »11/28/12 11:00am11/28/12 11:00am

Sad Jayhawk Has "Absolutely No Regrets" About Being Sad Jayhawk

Before he was Sad Jayhawk, Matt Rissien was just another superfan: going to away games, wearing a costume, posing with luminaries like Erin Andrews and Scot Pollard. But, thanks to the vagaries of the universe and an alert cameraman, he's become more: a symbol of fallen hubris. A Crying Duke Kid or Weepy Tebow for a… »3/28/11 1:30pm3/28/11 1:30pm

VCU Has No Business In The Final Four, And We're Glad They're Here

Last week at this time, we were laughing at the Big East for being a weak conference, despite all the late winter talk about it being the best in college basketball. The evidence proffered was the number of teams left in the tournament. By that logic, the best conferences in college basketball at this moment are the… »3/28/11 10:30am3/28/11 10:30am

The VCU Pep Band Makes Its Director Gyrate Uncontrollably And Sometimes Strip

This is Ryan Kopacsi, director of the very-popular VCU pep band and also, apparently, a male model. He's known around the university and amongst pep band circles for his overenthusiastic dancing and for often removing his clothing during games. At VCU, this is apparently called "TTS," or Time To Strip, and the whole… »3/21/11 2:30pm3/21/11 2:30pm