Chart: How Sabermetric MLB Forecasts Stacked Up Against Vegas

From Skidmore College statistics professor Michael Lopez comes the handy chart you see above, plotting the 2014 win totals of all 30 MLB teams against preseason predictions from Vegas and what Lopez calls his "Statsheads Prediction." » 9/30/14 5:33pm 9/30/14 5:33pm

Jaguars-Broncos Could Have The Largest Point Spread In NFL History

Four games are plenty of evidence to make these sweeping statements: the Broncos are very, very good, and the Jaguars are very, very bad. In Week 6, Jacksonville travels to Denver, and oddsmakers are expecting the matchup to challenge the all-time record for largest point spread. » 9/30/13 1:21pm 9/30/13 1:21pm

Washington Sports Site Insists LSU Will "Massacre" Huskies By Five Or…

Well, isn't this refreshing: A news outlet eschewing all pretense of attaboy optimism, predicting instead that a Vegas line of a three-touchdown beatdown for the home team really ought to be a five-touchdown curbstomping. » 9/08/12 5:30pm 9/08/12 5:30pm

Tim Tebow Stayed At A Vegas Hotel During A Porn Awards Extravaganza

He was reportedly in town for one day for a photo shoot and spent a lot of time in his room, though he and a few friends did go to Cirque du Soleil, where they snacked on popcorn and water. Be honest: Were you really expecting photos of him with starlets from the Adult Video News Awards? [LVRJ, h/t to Brett] » 1/30/12 11:45am 1/30/12 11:45am

Somebody Send A Blogger To Vegas For Charity And Trash-Talking

Dan Levy of "On The Dan Levy" has a favor to ask: please help him decide which professional blogger should accompany him to Las Vegas over Super Bowl weekend. Your choices: Josh Zerkle or Matt Sebek. Your vote counts. [OnTheDanLevy] » 1/20/10 4:30pm 1/20/10 4:30pm