Venezuelan MLB Players Spend More Time Worrying About Being Kidnapped Than Most Professional Athletes

Becoming a professional baseball player should mean you're pretty much set, right? Forget the odds that a fringe (or star) professional athlete will go broke before he's a certain age—if you spend much of your twenties and thirties making millions or near millions of dollars for playing a game, you've made it in at… »12/30/12 2:15pm12/30/12 2:15pm

Ugueth Urbina Is Out Of Prison, Still Has His Fastball

It's odd that no one's really gotten to the bottom of what happened with decorated reliever Ugueth Urbina in Venezuela in 2005. Just before the season began, his mother was rescued from kidnappers in a commando-style operation, after being held for ransom for five months. Just after the season, in which he pitched for… »12/26/12 11:50am12/26/12 11:50am

Hugo Chavez's Opposition In Venezuela Lampoons Him As An Egomaniacal Pitcher

In case you haven't been paying close attention to your South American politics for the past 14 years, you might be surprised to find that Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's cult-of-personality president, is facing a stiff re-election challenge on Oct. 7. Basically Chavez has presided over a widespread meltdown of the… »9/29/12 7:30pm9/29/12 7:30pm

Yorvit Torrealba Receives 66-Game Suspension For Slugging A Venezuelan League Umpire

The Rangers catcher's physically expressed frustration at a prior strike call earned him 66 games in Venezuelan winter ball, which is the rest of this season and all of next. We wonder how broken up he is about it, considering his son was kidnapped in his home country a few years back, and the worst thing he's ever… »12/26/11 3:00pm12/26/11 3:00pm