Vengeance Proves That French Rock Stars And Hong Kong Hitmen Can Mix 

Johnny Hallyday has a fascinating, crazy face. He’s old and rich and famous enough that of course he’s had work done: His eyes are unnaturally tight, and they have that weird skin-stretched-back thing that Sylvester Stallone has these days. But those eyes themselves were already something before any doctors got close… »6/19/15 12:49pm6/19/15 12:49pm


After Hooligan Runs On Pitch And Punches Goalie, Hooligan's Parents Worry About Vigilante Justice

Ever since their 18-year-old son stormed the pitch during a Malmö and Helsingborg match Tuesday because he was "pissed off" enough to attack goalkeeper Pär Hansson, a pair of Swedish parents have fielded quite a few threats. So, they wrote an open letter to the local paper. Their message? »5/26/11 11:15pm5/26/11 11:15pm