"Oh My Gosh! No!" Vandy's Inadvertent Fake Punt Sparks Marvelous Verne Lundquist Moment

We’ll never hide our appreciation for CBS stalwart announcer Verne Lundquist, and he was at his best during this wild play during today’s Georgia-Vanderbilt game when Commodores punter Tommy Openshaw mishandled the snap and managed to rumble for a first down. “WHAT THE HECK!?” »9/12/15 4:06pm9/12/15 4:06pm


Where Does Verne Lundquist Rank The Iron Bowl All-Time?

Uncle Verne was cagey about this one. He's seen a lot of sports history—more than 50 years of it—and he was understandably wary about trying to contextualize an amazing Alabama-Auburn game just two days later. But Newsday's Neil Best tried to pin him down: what's the greatest sporting event he's ever worked? »12/02/13 6:39pm12/02/13 6:39pm

Verne Lundquist Calls Replay As Though It's Live Action

Poor, old Uncle Verne must feel like he's in Groundhog Day. On second-and-four, LSU ran a quick pitch to Jeremy Hill for a loss of two yards. LSU was also penalized for illegal formation. The penalty was declined, setting up a third-and-six. Once everything was settled, CBS showed a replay of the play and Lundquist… »11/23/13 5:25pm11/23/13 5:25pm