Where Does Verne Lundquist Rank The Iron Bowl All-Time?

Uncle Verne was cagey about this one. He's seen a lot of sports history—more than 50 years of it—and he was understandably wary about trying to contextualize an amazing Alabama-Auburn game just two days later. But Newsday's Neil Best tried to pin him down: what's the greatest sporting event he's ever worked? »12/02/13 6:39pm12/02/13 6:39pm

Verne Lundquist Calls Replay As Though It's Live Action

Poor, old Uncle Verne must feel like he's in Groundhog Day. On second-and-four, LSU ran a quick pitch to Jeremy Hill for a loss of two yards. LSU was also penalized for illegal formation. The penalty was declined, setting up a third-and-six. Once everything was settled, CBS showed a replay of the play and Lundquist… »11/23/13 5:25pm11/23/13 5:25pm