The Answer To Whether Fighting Solves Anything Is "Vernon Gholston"

This clip from the New York Jets edition of Hard Knocks is all you need to know about the efficacy of fighting and physical confrontations. Vernon Gholston was the sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft, a physical specimen who was, even then, derisively referred to as a "workout warrior." Gholston was in his third… » 11/09/13 3:30pm 11/09/13 3:30pm

The Bears Have Already Discovered The Truth About Vernon Gholston

After signing with the Chicago Bears, Vernon Gholston let it be known that he's "self-motivated," telling the Chicago Tribune that "(being a bust) is the natural assumption about me." That was four weeks ago, and it's clearly no less true today. » 8/29/11 2:30pm 8/29/11 2:30pm