Vernon Wells' Full-Speed Header Over The Outfield Wall Was Quite Impressive

Times aren't great for the $154 million Angels, currently four games behind the A's for second place in the AL West. If they're going to make up any ground fast, they're going to need to (a) stop giving up bombs like this Ian Kinsler shot, and (b) keep their left-fielders from doing unnecessary headers over the… »9/18/12 11:43pm9/18/12 11:43pm

With Nothing Between Sanity And Madness But A Thin Layer of Polyester

In truth, Kellia Ramares is dangerously obsessed. The middle-aged woman from Berkeley, Calif. has an unlikely fixation on Diamondbacks outfielder Eric Byrnes, in a way that prompted us recently to purchase an extra deadbolt for our back door, for no real tangible reason, just because. But as Ramares herself points… »6/01/06 12:45pm6/01/06 12:45pm