Is It Selfish For a Woman to Declare That She's Done with Blowjobs?

A woman has taken a very public stand online against performing oral sex on the penis, deeming the organ admirably practical and sleek in design, but justnot for her. This bold declaration comes on the heels of years of being denied oral sex by men who were perfectly content to get theirs, while refusing to give in… » 3/28/15 5:20pm Saturday 5:20pm

Emails: Vice Requires Writers to Get Approval to Write About Brands

At most media organizations, there's a "Chinese wall" between editorial and advertising operations—each department operating independently of one another. At Vice Media—marketing shop first, editorial brand second—that's not quite how it works, according to a series of emails published to Twitter by recently departed… » 10/02/14 12:32pm 10/02/14 12:32pm

VICE Sports launched today. "The sports media landscape, if we're being honest, is really crowded. We're not going to out-ESPN ESPN. We're not going to try," VICE Sports publisher Ryan Duffy told Forbes in an article that was published this morning, right around the time Duffy left the company, we heard. » 6/11/14 4:52pm 6/11/14 4:52pm

Working at Vice Media Is Not As Cool As It Seems

Vice Media is one of the hottest media properties in America. It's the counterculture empire that even Rupert Murdoch could love. Vice's founder, Shane Smith, has speculated his company could raise tens of billions of dollars. So why are its employees so broke and pissed off? » 5/30/14 10:40am 5/30/14 10:40am

Vice's Artsy MMA Site Is Pretty Much A UFC Front

Last December, Vice launched Fightland, a mildly artsy fight game site. So far, it's more or less lived up to the expectations you'd have for a mildly artsy fight game site run by Vice. » 8/30/13 4:05pm 8/30/13 4:05pm

The Patriots' travails and the Celtics' rebuilding are blessings in disguise for the city of Boston, which has devolved into "a massively stale sports bar," writes John Liam Policastro. [Vice] » 6/29/13 3:28pm 6/29/13 3:28pm

Remember DadBoner? Of course you do. DadBoner is a comedian named Mike Burns, and Motherboard hung out with him recently. Around the 13:20 mark he refers to our Drew Magary as "some guy," which is a pretty great burn. » 4/08/13 6:50pm 4/08/13 6:50pm