Deadspin Inquires: Was Floyd Mayweather's Dustup With Larry Merchant A Put-On?

We're creating a new feature, folks. It's called Deadspin Inquires. You send us a sports question to investigate. It could be a riddle, an enigma, an urban legend, or just something that's been bugging you. Did Sonny Liston throw the Lewiston fight against Ali? Was Bison Dele eaten by his brother at sea? Does Bob… »1/10/12 5:40pm1/10/12 5:40pm


Victor Ortiz Versus Andre Berto Round Six: A Lesson In Gameness

Welterweights Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto put it down on Saturday night for the WBC title. It was the kind of fight where you catch yourself yelling at the TV, then step back and marvel that you're yelling at the TV while watching boxing, which gives you flashbacks to when you used to do that sort of thing… »4/18/11 11:20am4/18/11 11:20am