Serena Williams Finally Has A Real Rival: Vika Azarenka

Over the past week, it's been tempting to compare Roger Federer with Serena Williams, two tennis greats approaching the same bad end of the aging curve in very different ways. Federer, 32, lost last week to Tommy Robredo in a three-set blowout in the fourth round. Federer didn't win a Grand Slam this year and has only… »9/09/13 12:48pm9/09/13 12:48pm

Serena Williams Won Her Fourth U.S. Open Title In The First Good Final In 17 Years

Hope you tuned in when we warned you—it ended up being pretty great. For the first time since 1995, a women's U.S. Open final went to a third set, and it was a closely contested one at that. After breezing through the first set in only 34 minutes, Williams was turned back just as easily by Azarenka in the second, and… »9/09/12 8:45pm9/09/12 8:45pm

It's Women's Semis Day At The U.S. Open. Let's Watch It Together

Every year, the Friday after Labor Day provides a pretty awesome respite: Two women's U.S. Open semifinals, played in the middle of the afternoon. It helps shorten the already short week. First up: French Open champ Maria Sharapova against Aussie Open champ Victoria Azarenka. Then we've got Serena Williams taking on… »9/07/12 2:35pm9/07/12 2:35pm

The Payoff For Sticking Around To Watch A Pretty Cool Shot From Wimbledon Is A Whole Lot Of Grunting

Here's video from when Victoria Azarenka faced Tamira Paszek in the Wimbledon quarterfinals a couple days back. A quick check confirmed that a) Victoria Azarenka and Tamira Paszek are really the names of two tennis players, b) Azarenka won 1 and 3, and c) the Gruntin' Belarusian lost to Petra Kvitova today. »6/30/11 8:30pm6/30/11 8:30pm