Shirtless Gronk Twerks In Miami

Rob Gronkowski—the answer to the question "What if an EDM track somehow learned how to play football?"—is in Miami, shirtless and twerking. Do you need to know anything else? » 3/26/15 4:59pm Thursday 4:59pm

Who's Smooching In The Background Of Rajai Davis's Interview?

As Rajai Davis was talking to Fox Sports Detroit during today's Marlins-Tigers game, a player wandered into the frame, waved at the camera, sat down, and smooched a gal before the two left. The reader who gave us the heads-up believes it was Joe Nathan, and it sure looks like him. » 3/25/15 6:18pm Wednesday 6:18pm

Peter King Does Weird Things With His Mouth

As Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie talked to the media Tuesday, Peter King was in the background, licking his lips, among other things. We all probably look odd when we don't know a camera's on us, but we're still going to enjoy King doing his best Chip Kelly impression. » 3/25/15 12:31pm Wednesday 12:31pm

Ohio State's D'Angelo Russell Bloodied By Elbow To The Face

Ohio State's D'Angelo Russell took an elbow to the face courtesy of VCU's Doug Brooks while going up for a rebound. Brooks got hit with a flagrant one foul; Russell needed to be cleaned up, but kept playing after the injury. » 3/19/15 7:01pm 3/19/15 7:01pm

Purdue's Rapheal Davis Dives For Loose Ball, Takes Out Gregg Doyel

Purdue guard Rapheal Davis jumped into press row for a loose basketball during today's game against Penn State, and ended up knocking over a bunch of electronics and Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star. Everyone was fine, so if you want to guiltlessly enjoy Doyel falling on his ass, here you go. » 3/13/15 4:20pm 3/13/15 4:20pm

Rangers Goalie Cam Talbot Somehow Stopped This Shot

Nicklas Backstrom, on the right, received a pass from Joel Ward across the goal. He had the puck at this moment. Look at where Rangers goalie Cam Talbot is, and all the wide-open net available. Backstrom shot; Talbot made the save. » 3/12/15 1:10pm 3/12/15 1:10pm

How Do You Let Someone Score From His Stomach? (Be The Oilers)

Alexander Semin deserves all the accolades for his effort on today's no-look goal from his stomach, but of course it happened against the Oilers. It's fitting. » 3/08/15 10:09pm 3/08/15 10:09pm

Walmart: We Don't Have Any Dez Bryant Parking Lot Video

Well, it's on the record: Walmart says it has no video of Dez Bryant from July 11, 2011, the day police were called to investigate a disturbance in a Lancaster store's parking lot. » 3/06/15 11:35am 3/06/15 11:35am

Aggravating Butthead Daniel Carcillo Banned Six Games For Cross-Check

Chicago Blackhawks forward Daniel Carcillo unleashed a late cross-check on Winnipeg's Mathieu Perreault Friday night, causing Perreault to leave the game early. Today, the NHL suspended Carcillo six games for the act. » 1/19/15 5:35pm 1/19/15 5:35pm

New 49ers Coach Jim Tomsula Mumbles And Huffs His Way Through Interview

If you cringe easily, look away. New San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had a chat with CSN Bay Area today, and it resulted in four minutes of muttering, huffing, and awkward silences. » 1/16/15 3:30pm 1/16/15 3:30pm

Chuck Pagano's Dad Gnawing On His Cigar, In Slow Motion

Yeahhhh. That's Sam Pagano, father of Chuck Pagano, chomping on his cigar as he watches his son coach the Colts. Never has slow motion been more necessary. » 1/11/15 9:46pm 1/11/15 9:46pm

Kevin Shattenkirk Blows A Pass, Knocks Over His Goalie, Gives Up Goal

Oof, this is a brutal three seconds for Kevin Shattenkirk. First, his attempt to breakout from behind the net by passing up the middle is foiled by Dale Weise, who picks the pass off. Then, in a rush to block Weise's shot, Shattenkirk knocks over his own goalie, turning what would've been a good goal-scoring… » 11/20/14 10:46pm 11/20/14 10:46pm

Regatta Devolves Into Utter Chaos

This weekend's Snowflake Regatta in Riverhead, New York, had to have the least competent group of rowers ever assembled in one place. Here's an attempted catalogue of all the damage: » 11/12/14 12:30am 11/12/14 12:30am

Adorable Kid Thinks Candy Corn Is A Candle, Tosses It In The Garbage

A YouTuber named Kyle Quinn gave some candy corn (which is garbage) to an outrageously cute sixth-grader in China. That sixth-grader thought it was a candle, and threw it in the trash. That sixth grader is the best sixth grader. » 11/07/14 9:01am 11/07/14 9:01am

Zosia Mamet's 2010 Rap Video Is Fake Bullshit [UPDATE]

Update: Like everything else in this godforsaken world, this is nothing but a crummy commercial. First, here's the tip we received a couple days ago from a "Donald Duck" at » 11/05/14 11:46am 11/05/14 11:46am

Stephen Colbert Goes In On The Damn Swiss And Their Nazi Creamer

So, some Swiss coffee creamer company put Adolf Hitler on its packaging; last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had some fun at those bastards' expense. "It is so nice to see the Swiss finally have an opinion on Hitler" is my favorite line, but "I like my coffee like I like my women: without Hitler" is… » 11/04/14 12:29pm 11/04/14 12:29pm

Throwback: Gus Malzahn Breakdances To "U Can't Touch This"

Someone uploaded a glorious video of then-high school football coach Gus Malzahn breaking it down to "U Can't Touch This." Witness the current Auburn coach bust moves like it's nothing. » 11/03/14 12:15am 11/03/14 12:15am

Kevin Love's Outlet Passing Already In Midseason Form

Kevin Love is the best outlet passer in the NBA, as he has demonstrated time and time again. Now that he's not on the craptastic Timberwolves, we're likely to see even more gorgeous outlet passes this year! Here's his first (of many, surely) full court heaves he will throw to LeBron James this season. » 10/30/14 9:27pm 10/30/14 9:27pm

Kobe And Dwight Howard Talk Shit To Each Other, Get Double Technicals

Dwight Howard left the Lakers a season ago, but because of Kobe Bryant's achilles injury, the two haven't played against each other since their ill-fated partnership blew up in everybody's face. If you thought things between the two were all good, well, you don't know Kobe Bryant very well. » 10/29/14 1:26am 10/29/14 1:26am