Couple Pantomimes Eric Garner's Death Behind Live Shot Covering It

Your worst videobomb of the day (and week, and probably year, and maybe ever) are these shitheads who decided it would be funny to pretend to be Daniel Pantaleo killing Eric Garner behind WPIX's Allison Kaden, who was reporting on today's decision. » 12/03/14 11:52pm 12/03/14 11:52pm

Minor League Baseball Interview Videobombed By Running Knockout Punch

Here we have Tim Hagerty, a broadcaster for the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas, and Chris Smith, a pitcher for those same Chihuahuas doing a standard get-to-know-you interview. You know, how do you like El Paso so far? and Love the community, love the fans and OH MY GOD IS THAT GUY OK? » 8/14/14 8:02pm 8/14/14 8:02pm

Patty Mills And Aron Baynes Invade Live Shot, Get Shoved Away

Patty Mills and Aron Baynes are reigning NBA champions, and they have the Larry O'Brien Trophy back home in Australia where they are, apparently, just carrying it around. » 7/16/14 8:30am 7/16/14 8:30am

Bystander Videobombs Local News Report By Fondling His Gut

Remember the Truffle Shuffle? Of course you do. Here's a bystander on KTLA in Los Angeles trying to do it behind reporter Doug Kolk, who was in Hollywood tonight covering the premiere of a film about Cesar Chavez. » 3/21/14 1:42am 3/21/14 1:42am

Bare Ass Illustrates Again Why Not To Broadcast Live From Mardi Gras

Galveston, TX reminds us why Moon Pies are a traditional Mardi Gras snack. Here's reporter Samantha Ptashkin from Houston NBC affiliate KPRC getting butt-bombed on tonight's late local news. » 2/22/14 11:52pm 2/22/14 11:52pm

Olympic Skier Todd Lodwick Videobombs His Own Injury Report

NBC reporter Randy Moss was reporting on Nordic combine skier Todd Lodwick's injuries when—hey, there he is! Todd Lodwick really gives you that insider perspective on only the most up-to-date Todd Lodwick news. You can watch the entire report here. » 2/12/14 8:55pm 2/12/14 8:55pm

Cris Carter Clowns Warren Sapp During Interview, May Have Death Wish

Warren Sapp is not a man with whom to be messed, and yet fellow Hall of Famer Cris Carter gave him a mighty videobomb during Sapp's interview during tonight's NFL preseason opener. » 8/04/13 9:22pm 8/04/13 9:22pm

The New York Mets Rank First In The Majors At Videobombing

Jeremy Hefner's been one of the few bright spots for the New York Mets lately, so it figures his teammates would do everything possible to clown on him while he provided an interview to SNY before tonight's game in San Francisco. Laid-back and fun-loving? Sounds like a winning combination to me! » 7/09/13 10:50pm 7/09/13 10:50pm