Viggo Mortensen Calls Cristiano Ronaldo A Pretty Boy Choke Artist

Viggo Mortensen—the NYC-born, Buenos Aires-raised Danish-American actor most famous for playing Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies—is a humongous fan of Argentine club San Lorenzo. His team has reached the final of the FIFA Club World Cup, where they face Real Madrid. As well as acting, Mortensen's good at banter. »12/20/14 2:49pm12/20/14 2:49pm


Just Like Heaven's Gate: Why Didn't The Lord Of The Rings Series Fail?

Next week, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens, setting in motion another Tolkien trilogy from director Peter Jackson that will end in the summer of 2014. Everyone's wondering whether these Hobbit movies can live up to the Lord of the Rings films, whose combination of commercial and critical success is just about… »12/07/12 6:26pm12/07/12 6:26pm

Viggo Mortensen Almost Got Kicked Out Of Dulles Airport For Cheering His Favorite Soccer Team

There are some things that Viggo Mortensen will not be denied. One is completing a quest to destroy the One Ring before the forces of Mordor rise up and take over Middle-earth with an army of mutated John Kruks. The other is watching Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, the Buenos Aires soccer club for which he… »5/31/12 9:15am5/31/12 9:15am