Fan Throws Pizza At Usher, Gets Ejected From Villanova-St. John's Game

We've all been there: you get up to grab some pizza and when you try to head back to your seats, the usher tells you to go a different way. So you throw your pizza at the usher. You have to get back to your kids with your pizza and the usher is being unreasonable. Your hands are basically tied at that point, you have… » 2/22/14 2:26pm 2/22/14 2:26pm

Lazy Hack Philly Newspaper Writer Being Investigated For Doing Cut-And-Paste Job On Blogger's Report

Well, now, this is a delightful twist on that old saw that bloggers do nothing but rewrite all the hard work that gets done by newspaper reporters out there in the field. Click the above image, which was sent to us by Ballin' Is A Habit, to enlarge it. What you'll see is a side-by-side comparison that shows Kevin… » 10/21/11 2:05pm 10/21/11 2:05pm

All Hail Davidson, Our Link To Why This Is Fun

If Florida hadn't have won the NCAA Title again last year, it would be safe to say that it would be difficult to remember who was the 2006 NCAA Champion. That's because 2006 was the year of George Mason, and the Final Four itself — which, you may recall, was lousy that year — was just a sidebar to their story. Right… » 3/24/08 2:20pm 3/24/08 2:20pm