Talking Shit About Vince Wilfork's Wife Is Not A Good Idea [Update]

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork loves his wife, Bianca. Anybody who watched this interview, which aired prior to Super Bowl XLVI, knows this. Vince Wilfork is also a very large man who makes his living by knocking the crap out of other very large men. So it's probably not a good idea to call his wife ugly.… »3/22/13 12:24pm3/22/13 12:24pm

Vince Wilfork's Wife Has A Few Things She'd Like To Get Off Her Chest...In The Comments

As you all know, things can get a little messy in the comments section below. Cruel insults, ad hominem attacks, spineless cheap shots, etc. are pretty commonplace here and plenty of other online establishments. For most of you, this is done anonymously, behind the safety of an avatar, so you can, for the most part,… »12/03/08 2:00pm12/03/08 2:00pm