How Heisman-Finalist Quarterbacks Have Changed Over The Years

It's the season for wildly premature Heisman speculation, and considering quarterbacks have won all but two Heismans since 2000 (Mark Ingram and Reggie Bush being the exceptions), a few quarterbacks and their gaudy stat lines will be in the running this year. But just how far have the goal posts moved on Heisman… »8/29/14 1:11pm8/29/14 1:11pm


Did Vince Young Take Out A High-Interest Loan To Pay For His Own $300,000 Birthday Party?

So that lawsuit pitting Vince Young against both his former agent and his former financial planner is going pretty much as amicably as we told you it would. Young, who's been out of the NFL since August and is back yawning his way through classes at the University of Texas, is suing Ronnie Peoples, his former… »2/12/13 7:10pm2/12/13 7:10pm

Vince Young Is Just Another Bored College Student Again

Cam Newton's decision to re-enroll at Auburn has been a quiet storyline this week, but Newton's not the only national-title-winning QB again giving school the old college try. Vince Young is back in the classroom at the University of Texas, and he more or less began the week with sharpened pencils and an apple for the… »1/18/13 2:30pm1/18/13 2:30pm

"Buster Olney U So Full A Shit": The Year In Great, Terrible, And Deeply Weird Tweets From The World Of Sports

2012 offered many windows into the athlete soul, but none were larger or more revealing than the unfiltered weirdness that came from their screwy social media presences. Here are our favorites, from Cardale Jones delicately explaining that he wasn't recruited to Ohio State for his academic prowess, to everything… »12/25/12 1:10pm12/25/12 1:10pm

Vince Young Is Watching The Arizona Cardinals Get Destroyed, Thinks He Can Help

Vince Young may not be the hero Arizona deserves, but he just might be the hero it needs. The Seattle Seahawks are in the process of thoroughly humiliating the Cardinals 58-0. As of this writing, there are an ungodly two minutes and change remaining—and Seattle has the ball. »12/09/12 7:32pm12/09/12 7:32pm

The truly sad part is that he may be…

Vince Young Just Wants To Talk, Sends Really Sad Tweet To The Titans

Vince Young is broke and out of work, so you'll forgive him if he retweets the occasional encouraging note. Today, for instance, he retweeted a picture from his Titans days, showing him handing the ball off to Chris Johnson. The fun memory became a desperate plea, however, when VY took the picture and tweeted it … »10/09/12 2:00pm10/09/12 2:00pm

The Eagles' Nine-Minute Game-Winning Drive in 90 Seconds

To the surprise of just about everyone last night, Vince Young—whose play up until this point in the game could generously be described as erratic—led an 18-play, 80-yard death march of a touchdown drive that would eventually decide the game. Here's the drive, condensed into a much more palatable 90 seconds. »11/21/11 10:30am11/21/11 10:30am

Vince Young Allegedly Gets Angry When You Deny Him $8,000 In One-Dollar Bills

The Dallas strip club manager who was assaulted by Vince Young over a year ago is now adjusting the narrative of the altercation because he would like some money for it—possibly in the form of dollar bills. Creiton Kinchen's lawsuit says that he did not provoke the Eagles backup by flashing an upside-down "hook 'em… »10/25/11 7:50pm10/25/11 7:50pm