Virginia Tech Player Hits Ref In Frustration After Penalty Call

Today is Frank Beamer’s last home game for Virginia Tech, but #17 North Carolina is just now starting to pull away in the fourth quarter. Earlier in the game VT DE Dadi Nicolas was frustrated with an offside call made against him, and in his frustration, he hit the arm of referee Ron Cherry, earning himself another… »11/21/15 3:01pm11/21/15 3:01pm

Virginia Tech Punter Makes Save Of The Year

This is an astounding play. Virginia Tech punter A.J. Hughes watches the snap fly far over his head into the end zone, and he manages to not only recover the ball but get a clean punt off that traveled 60 yards on the fly. It kept the Hokies within a touchdown of ECU, and left ESPN’s Mark Neely grasping for words. »9/26/15 5:48pm9/26/15 5:48pm

Here's The List Of Ridiculous Fines Virginia Tech Football Players Were Subject To

Yesterday, Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster told reporters that he and other coaches had a policy of fining players for things like missing practices or meetings. The reason Foster was ever asked about fines in the first place was that a few beat reporters had noticed a screen in the team facility… »8/27/15 3:49pm8/27/15 3:49pm

Asshole College Football Coach Comes Up With New Way To Screw Over His Players

Earlier this year, NCAA member institutions voted to redefine athletic scholarships so that they covered not only the cost of tuition, room and board, books, and fees, but also incidental expenses. Essentially, it gives players a bit of pocket money, which is really the least the NCAA could do considering the strict… »8/26/15 7:58pm8/26/15 7:58pm

Duke Wins At No. 14 Virginia Tech, May Not Totally Suck This Year

Blue Devils football, heretofore a model of futility, managed to roll into Blacksburg, Va., today and slip past a Virginia Team that was favored by almost two touchdowns. The 13-10 win made Duke bowl-eligible for a second straight year — a feat for a team that has played only nine bowl games, none of them… »10/26/13 7:51pm10/26/13 7:51pm

Virginia Tech's Kicker Pepper-Sprayed A Buffalo Wild Wings Last Week

"Stuff like this happens," Cody Journell said. And he's right. Who hasn't been in a restaurant pleasantly minding one's business only to have to rush outside all of a sudden because some dipshit suddenly released the trigger on a can of pepper spray? Like Journell said, it happens. He ought to know. The kicker on the… »2/01/13 5:00pm2/01/13 5:00pm