Visanthe Shiancoe Had His Own Bombs Bursting In Air Before Sunday's…

Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe let his patriotism, and breakfast, shine Sunday before Minnesota's matchup with Green Bay. He even had the courtesy to warn bystanders—something about which he's been especially concerned in the past. [NFL] » 10/27/11 11:50am 10/27/11 11:50am

Darren Sharper-Visanthe Shiancoe Feud Elevated To "You're A Terrorist"…

Now that Visanthe Shiancoe has posted this picture linking Darren Sharper to Osama bin Laden, the two NFL "rivals" are officially in the dumbest Twitter fight ever. » 6/03/10 12:05am 6/03/10 12:05am

Visanthe Shiancoe Wants To Show The World He's More Than Just A Wagging…

Yahoo!'s Michael Silver does a double entendre-filled profile on Vikings' tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who's working hard to overcome his internet long-comings. » 5/15/10 1:45pm 5/15/10 1:45pm

Pants On The Ground Has Gone Way Too Far

American Idol freakshow "General" Larry Platt and his magnum opus "Pants On The Ground" have become an integral part of the Vikings playoff run. So much so that Platt showed up at the team meeting today, and performed. Video below. » 1/24/10 3:45pm 1/24/10 3:45pm

Australian Rules Football Finds Its Visanthe Shiancoe

How are Australian and American football different? Down Under, the ball is larger, the field is round, and the players don't wear helmets. Any similarities? Well, on both continents, footballers have no problem showing their wang on live TV. » 6/22/09 4:45pm 6/22/09 4:45pm

Zack And Shiancoe Make A Porno

You realize of course that this was inevitable: A Canoga Park, Calif., adult studio has made an "exclusive performance offer" to Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, and already has a specific film project in mind. » 12/11/08 10:30am 12/11/08 10:30am

Shiancoe Speaks

"Shiancoe says that everyone calls him Shank. He said Dan could call him the "Junk man" if he wants to. Dan has a new one that he hopes to use on NBC on Sunday night: "The Equipment Manager." ' [Dan Patrick Show] » 12/10/08 11:00am 12/10/08 11:00am

Did Visanthe Shiancoe Flash On Purpose? One Ex-NFLer Thinks It's…

Regardless of what Visanthe Shiancoe told Minnesota gossip columnist "CJ" after he found out his dangling member was revealed to the world, Shiancoe's agent, Tony Agnone, says the Vikings tight end was "sorry it got on television." The damage-controlling Agnone also said Shiancoe's greatest concern is for "the young… » 12/09/08 4:30pm 12/09/08 4:30pm

Visanthe Shiancoe Becomes A Big, Bright, Shining Star

For the second Sunday this season I received a text message regarding an unlucky football player's unleashed member. Granted, KOGOD's "Locker room cock pic. Any thoughts?" message was less frantic than poor Tanner Cooley's after his brother's unfortunate slip-out, but it was still memorable in the sense that, yes,… » 12/08/08 2:00pm 12/08/08 2:00pm

FOX Broadcasts Some Viking Locker Room Dong

Thanks to everyone that sent us pics of this. It's hard to get emotional about Vikings head Brad Childress' son going into the Marines when there's all this flaccid black cock staring me in the face. Pretty sure Heidi Klum has the same problem when she's taping Project Runway, but we're getting off-topic. I'm not sure… » 12/07/08 4:45pm 12/07/08 4:45pm