Will The NHL Mandate Visors Before Someone Loses An Eye And A Career?

There's been no update on Rangers defenseman Marc Staal, who left the game after taking a deflected puck in the eye. He did not go to the hospital, which is great news. (The puck appears to have struck just above the soft tissue, in the brow or orbit. It was only a matter of chance and of millimeters if his actual eye… »3/06/13 9:50am3/06/13 9:50am


Here Is Every Known Gruesome Angle Of Marc Staal Taking A Slapshot In The Eye Tonight

I'm old enough to remember a few dudes in the NHL who played without a helmet. Dinosaurs of an earlier age like Brad Marsh and Greg Smyth Craig MacTavish were grandfathered in, showing what was left of their mullets and their intelligence while substituting machismo for brains (or the prospect of having a working… »3/06/13 12:00am3/06/13 12:00am