Where Every NBA Team Takes (And Gives Up) Shots

Here's a chart by our friend Ed Kupfer, who does analytics for the Houston Rockets, showing the distribution by percent of every NBA team's offensive and defensive field goals. If you take a second blink through the information overload, it's a shorthand Rosetta Stone for what's going on in the NBA. » 11/18/14 11:29am 11/18/14 11:29am

Chart: Where Pro Athletes Are Born In America

Ben Blatt put together this chart for Slate that shows where current pro athletes were born in America. NHL players tend to come from the Northeast and NFL players are concentrated in the South; New York produces a higher proportion of NBA than NFL players, and California is a hotbed for baseball talent. » 10/10/14 3:26pm 10/10/14 3:26pm

Which College Football Team Does Your Hometown Root For?

The New York Times has a new interactive showing which college football teams the country roots for, according to data it has exclusively from Facebook. Fandom is broken down into ZIP codes, which you can zoom in and mouseover to see in detail, with percentages—which is the only way you can see some teams show up on… » 10/03/14 11:06am 10/03/14 11:06am

How Baseball Batting Stats Have Changed In Every Era, In One Chart

Baseball loves to talk about itself in reference to specific eras, so it's probably useful to have a way to look at how offense has changed, all in one place. Analyze1.com mapped runs, home runs, RBI, batting average, and stolen bases in Major League Baseball dating back to 1880. » 6/17/14 1:17pm 6/17/14 1:17pm

Where Do NBA Shooting Fouls Actually Take Place?

Yesterday, Grantland's Kirk Goldsberry wrote a piece about how James Harden gets fouled like a Super Mario coin brick. But buried in the piece was this fascinating map of every single shooting foul so far in this NBA season, so we thought we'd take a closer look. (Do yourself a favor and click "Expand" in the upper… » 1/23/14 1:58pm 1/23/14 1:58pm

Every NBA Team's Remaining Strength Of Schedule, In One Chart

Ed Kupfer, who's an analyst for the Rockets, which kind of makes him one of the smart guys who does homework for the other smart guys, put together a simple visualization of the strength of schedule teams have faced so far (on the left), and the strength of schedule of their remaining games (on the right). » 1/15/14 7:56pm 1/15/14 7:56pm