Vladimir Guerrero Had Hubris, And He Had Balls

The following is excerpted from Jonah Keri's Up, Up, & Away: The Kid, The Hawk, Rock, Vladi, Pedro, Le Grand Orange, Youppi!, The Crazy Business of Baseball, and the Ill-fated but Unforgettable Montreal Expos, a wonderful and definitive account of Montreal's much-lamented baseball team. The book will be released in… » 3/03/15 11:07am 3/03/15 11:07am

Vladimir Guerrero Is Wanted By Police In The Dominican Republic For…

Details are still sketchy, but according to reports out of the Dominican Republic, police in Santo Domingo have issued an all-points bulletin to be on the lookout for former MLB outfielder Vladimir Guerrero. It seems Guerrero is accused of starting a brawl at a disco. This is from the Dominican Today: » 4/10/12 10:10am 4/10/12 10:10am