MLB Net's Heidi Watney Powers Through Pukey Quick Pitch Broadcast

Several of you wrote in last night to express concern for MLB Network’s Heidi Watney, who appeared to be crying while calling highlights on last night’s Quick Pitch broadcast. Watney’s one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dopey, Harold Reynolds-dominated talent roster at the baseball net, so we were worried… » 5/09/15 10:41am 5/09/15 10:41am

Great Moments In Barf History

I barfed last night. To be more precise, I barfed in five different locations. The first two were test barfs. I was at this Japanese barbecue joint with some friends—the kind of place where you can get skewers of meatballs and chicken parts grilled on a hibachi for two bucks each, and wash them all down with a lot… » 10/16/14 3:53pm 10/16/14 3:53pm

Matt Scott Barfed Then Threw A Touchdown

We are aggressively apathetic toward the results and performances in NFL preseason games, instead relying on weird stuff, sometimes including players doing unlikely things with bodily fluids, to make the news. Like Bengals QB Matt Scott puking his guts out a couple of times, then immediately throwing a touchdown pass. » 8/08/14 9:00am 8/08/14 9:00am

Speech Competition Punctuated With Kid Blowing Chunks On Medal Stand

This happened at last week's Nebraska state speech championships, and we are so glad that it did. We don't know the identity of the kid fire-hosing the remnants of his turkey sandwich all over his hands and feet, but we do know that he is a hero. Because of him, we may now enjoy the world's first perfect photo. » 4/04/14 9:28am 4/04/14 9:28am

Immediately After A 38-Shot Rally, One Tennis Player Collapses And The Other Vomits

Richard Gasquet hit an overhead winner to end a 56 second-long point with Grigor Dimitrov in their French Open second round match today. Gasquet promptly threw up his banana and Dimitrov fell to the ground with a severe leg cramp. Dimitrov never quite recovered; Gasquet would take the next three sets. » 6/01/12 5:35pm 6/01/12 5:35pm

Early This Morning Delonte West Tweeted A Picture Of His Vomit-Soiled Clothes From The Bathroom

Delonte West was sick last night, but still managed to play 27 minutes and score five points on two of five shooting. Then he presumably went home a puked all over the place, took a picture and exclaimed "I think that's the last of it....I feel like my soul just tried to get out my body...gotd#mn!!!" » 4/29/12 7:19pm 4/29/12 7:19pm