Vote For Rory Falls Short; Is There Something (Ice) Fishy Going On?

So, as we mentioned yesterday, the Web campaign to vote Vancouver Canucks defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL All-Star Game fell just short, finishing in third place after once climbing near the very top. Fitzpatrick took it in stride — considering some NHL players and analysts were acting as if the Very Sanctity… » 1/11/07 11:00am 1/11/07 11:00am

Vote For Rory Campaign Proving Frighteningly Successful

So ... Rory. Rory Fitzpatrick, the write-in candidate for the NHL All-Star Game that has become a Web cause celebre, is moving up the charts. How much? He's currently No. 2 among Western Conference Defensemen, ahead of Nikolas Lidstrom and just behind Scott Niedermayer. That would put him in the starting lineup. He… » 12/19/06 3:15pm 12/19/06 3:15pm

Rory Continues To Sneak Up NHL All-Star Ballots

So you know how the big NHL Web movement right now is to vote Canucks defenseman Rory Fitpatrick into the All-Star Game as a write-in candidate? Well, the movement is gaining considerable traction; the newest vote totals from NHL.com show Rory in a rather solid fifth place, with 144,819 votes. Pretty outstanding for a… » 12/07/06 12:45pm 12/07/06 12:45pm