Here Is A Gif Of Wade Boggs Attempting To Dance At Last Night's Oklahoma City Thunder Game

We're not sure why Wade Boggs decided to drop by last night's Spurs-Thunder game, but we're glad he did. In the fourth quarter, just before a Russell Westbrook free throw, the Fox Sports Oklahoma cameras found the baseball Hall of Famer in the stands—after which he boogied a bit in his seat. »12/18/12 2:35pm12/18/12 2:35pm


Oil Can Boyd Calls Wade Boggs A Racist; Boggs Responds By Calling Boyd "A Delusional Drug Addict"

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd and Wade Boggs were Red Sox teammates for eight seasons in the 1980s. It's safe to say they're not friends. Last Friday, Boyd appeared on "The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show" on WEEI in Boston to discuss topics ranging from growing up poor in the South to his drug use to his relationships with… »5/10/12 3:30pm5/10/12 3:30pm