Bubba Watson Went To Waffle House To Celebrate His Masters Win

Bubba Watson, everyone's favorite Southern chillbro golfer, won his second Masters in three years yesterday, and he celebrated the achievement exactly as you would expect him to. After claiming his second green jacket, Watson and his crew made a late-night Waffle House run, because Waffle House is a place for… » 4/14/14 9:48am 4/14/14 9:48am

Map: Atlanta Has Too Many Waffle Houses

In the mood for extraordinarily cheap, generally tasty breakfast food? The map above—by mapsbynik—shows the density of Waffle Houses across the U.S. circa 2012, with the height of each bar representing the number of locations in each USGS 30x60 quadrangle.* » 4/08/14 12:59pm 4/08/14 12:59pm

The Story of the 450-Pound Rapper Who Loved Waffle House Too Much

Jelly Roll, a 28-year-old white rapper from Antioch, Tennessee, has eaten at Waffle House more times than he can possibly remember. Hundreds of visits, but more likely thousands, to an inestimable percentage of America’s 1,600 Southern franchises. He orders the same meal every time, his particular variation of an… » 6/14/13 11:00am 6/14/13 11:00am

Map: Do You Live In IHOP America Or Waffle House America?

America might be a fast-food nation, but at least it's a rich, greasy tapestry of fast food. In-N-Out Burger is the jewel of the West Coast. Massachusetts seems to breed Dunkin' Donuts franchises the way it used to breed Kennedys. Oklahoma and Wyoming are the only states to have both Hardee's and Carl's Jr. We so… » 5/31/13 4:10pm 5/31/13 4:10pm

This Is What Happens When Things Get Real At The Tuscaloosa Waffle House

"Investigators have determined that the fight was linked to an August robbery, [Tuscaloosa Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brent ] Blankley said. ... The camera that captured the fight on video was turned on after security in the restaurant made the parties involved leave the building. Blankley said videotaping of… » 10/25/11 8:30pm 10/25/11 8:30pm

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Snoop Dogg And Waffle House Found…

Snoop Dogg posed a question to his Twitter fam just before 11 a.m.: Denny's or Waffle House? Two hours later, Waffle House was a trending topic. » 12/04/10 4:20pm 12/04/10 4:20pm

Phil Mickelson Is Just Looking To Maintain His Physique

Hefty Lefty is in talks to purchase 105 Waffle House restaurants. I realize "restaurant" is a generous choice of words, but the All-Star Special breakfast is a dearer prize than the Green Jacket. [Bloomberg] » 7/23/09 11:30pm 7/23/09 11:30pm