Brits Placed First And Second At The Tour De France, Their Significant Others May Hate Each Other

Remember foul-mouthed Bradley Wiggins—the cyclist that called would-be steroid accusers "cunts" and "fucking wankers" a couple weeks ago while he was leading the Tour de France? Well, he ended up winning, becoming the first British person to do so in the race's history. He made no mention of wankers in his victory… »7/22/12 5:00pm7/22/12 5:00pm

Diego Maradona Got Into A Fight With U.A.E.-League Fans, Allegedly Over His Girlfriend

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has been off the international radar somewhat since accepting the manager position of Al Wasl FC in the U.A.E. football league last year. Al Wasl hasn't done a whole lot under his leadership, either—they currently sit in sixth place in the 12-team league. »3/30/12 1:12pm3/30/12 1:12pm

Report: This Is Also (Probably Not) Terry Francona's New 20-Something Girlfriend

Yesterday, Busted Coverage published photos of single and mingling former skipper Terry Francona at Foxwoods, alongside his "Alleged 20-Something Rebound Beef." It was a different lass than the one to your right. Today, Busted Coverage's post has been scrubbed from the internet, and we know they had been in contact… »2/21/12 2:15pm2/21/12 2:15pm