Adam Rosales Is An AL West Hot Potato

In the span of two weeks, Adam Rosales has gone from the A's to the Rangers to the A's and now back to the Rangers. It is clear that only death will bring Rosales peace from the waiver wire. » 8/12/13 3:20pm 8/12/13 3:20pm

Islanders Waive Rick DiPietro To A Fate Worse Than Death: Living In…

Rick DiPietro (full legal name: Oft-Injured Goaltender Rick DiPietro) may have come to the end of the road on Long Island. The Islanders put him on waivers today after he made just three starts this season—all multi-goal losses—and an era has come to an end. » 2/22/13 2:05pm 2/22/13 2:05pm

Reports: Boston Red Sox And Los Angeles Dodgers Agree To Crazy Trade

Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett appear to be on the move. While the teams have yet to officially announce the trade, barring any medical snafus or no-trade clause invocations, this crazy deal appears to be a crazy done deal. » 8/24/12 9:08pm 8/24/12 9:08pm

That Crazy Red Sox/Dodgers Trade Will Never Happen, But Could You…

Carl Crawford cleared waivers a couple weeks ago. Josh Beckett is on the wire too. Today, it was reported that Adrian Gonzalez was claimed by the Dodgers. The Red Sox want to get younger and cheaper. The Dodgers have the means, motive and opportunity to go for a title now. These are all the ingredients you need to… » 8/24/12 4:25pm 8/24/12 4:25pm

Waiver Wire Drama Sends AL East Into A Tizzy

The Red Sox's nefarious plan to lose a bunch of games finally comes to fruition, as they put in a claim on Johnny Damon — to block the Rays from landing him. [Boston Herald] » 8/23/10 5:15pm 8/23/10 5:15pm