Gareth Bale Strikes Perfect Free Kick To Score For Wales

It is a dreary day for soccer fans, with the usual slate of dozens of club matches interrupted for a handful of international ones. But at least we have some competitive Euro 2016 qualifiers, where we can see the Welsh Gareth Bale unleash this free kick goal against Israel. With a golden generation that includes… »3/28/15 2:52pm3/28/15 2:52pm

Fans Get Too Turnt When Gareth Bale Scores Winner, Start Wrecking Shit

European national teams are competing in Euro 2016 qualifiers today, and so the tiny, sucky nation Wales were tasked with traveling to the smaller, suckier nation of Andorra today. Wales are bad, but they were supposed to win comfortably. Still, it took an 81st-minute free kick from superstar Gareth Bale to give Wales… »9/09/14 5:12pm9/09/14 5:12pm

If This Play Is Any Indication, We Should All Start Watching Rugby

Rugby isn't just ruptured testicles (though we'd probably pay more attention to it if it was): It's a game of heart, toughness, crafty play under pressure and occasional improvisational brilliance. This, a score by Ireland in its match against Wales earlier today, is the best rugby play we have ever seen. It's also… »2/02/13 12:45pm2/02/13 12:45pm

Welsh Rugby Out To Kill All Kinds Of Popes, Not Just The Catholic Ones

This story is strange on a number of levels. In 2008, two Welsh doctors discovered that going back to 1883, five roman Catholic Popes had died whenever Wales rugby won the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam, of course, is when one team in the annual Six Nations Championship beats all the other teams in a given year. The six… »4/21/12 11:20am4/21/12 11:20am

Racist Tweets About Fabrice Muamba Get Student 56 Days In Jail

When Bolton's Fabrice Muamba collapsed and his heart stopped for more than an hour, onlookers could only pray. The professionals could do more, defibrillating his heart back into action and saving his life. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old Welsh asshole was merrily Tweeting away that he hoped Muamba was dead, and hurling… »3/27/12 10:00am3/27/12 10:00am

An Update On Telling You Which Soccer Player Had An Affair With This Lady

We felt very bad last time. We hate blind items (though we did guess Ryan Giggs). But there's this thing in the UK where celebrities can get court-ordered injunctions against newspapers publishing items about their personal lives. They're called injunctions, and lots of celebrities have them, and together the whole… »5/09/11 11:35am5/09/11 11:35am