Kolten Wong Wins Game Two With Walk-Off Homer

After blowing the lead in the top of the ninth, St. Louis evened the NLCS when Kolten Wong led off the bottom of the frame with a line drive homer to right. Here's how it sounded in Spanish on Fox Deportes. (Hint: it was much better than Joe Buck's call.) » 10/12/14 11:55pm 10/12/14 11:55pm

Florida Beat Georgia Last Night On A 16th-Inning Walkoff Strikeout

Fifth-ranked Florida escaped with a bizarre 3-2 win over Georgia last night in Gainesville, as a rare walkoff strikeout allowed Vickash Ramjit to score from third after Bulldogs catcher Brandon Stephens blundered away what should have been the final out of the 16th inning. » 4/21/12 2:38pm 4/21/12 2:38pm

The New Season Has Its First Walkoff Homer, And It Capped Off A Classic…

The promise of a new season hasn't shown much inspiration for the Boston Red Sox, as the disappointment at how last season ended has been reflected in their first three games of 2012: all of them losses, and two of them in walkoffs. » 4/08/12 7:05pm 4/08/12 7:05pm