Warren Sapp To Cops: "I Put The $600 On The Table, Everybody Got Naked"

Arizona police arrested former Bucs defensive lineman and now-fired NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp at a hotel in February after the Super Bowl, charging him with soliciting a prostitute and assault. This week, TMZ acquired videos of Sapp and the two women involved in the incident, with each side telling their… »4/21/15 12:30pm4/21/15 12:30pm

GQ's Look At The MBA For NFL Players Is A Portrait Of Hubris And Fear

Belly-up pro athletes are among the world's saddest washouts, in part because you can't blame them for their own gruesome collapses. It’s a surreal deal: You’re invincible as a kid, invincible as a young man, a millionaire before you know how to file your own taxes and then an undereducated, slow-moving target for… »4/27/13 5:52pm4/27/13 5:52pm

NFL Network's Warren Sapp Doesn't Know His Mic Is On, Complains About "The Fucking Bill Belichick Fucking Angle"

Former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was featured on the NFL Network's NFL Total Access a short time ago, but his appearance was overshadowed by Warren Sapp, who could be heard off-camera mumbling something into a hot mic about "the same fucking speech that we had Mike Lombardi give, the fucking Bill Belichick… »3/12/13 8:10pm3/12/13 8:10pm

Pro Football Hall Of Fame Calls Up Sapp, Parcells, Ogden, Allen and Carter

The NFL's next Hall of Fame class, just announced, has a few dudes the TV made famous. There's Bill Parcells, who made a coaching career of winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and then convincing other teams believe he might ever do it again; Cris* Carter, who just proved that even Jerry Rice Lite was Hall of Fame… »2/02/13 7:24pm2/02/13 7:24pm

Warren Sapp's House Is Up For Sale In The Pages Of The New York Times Today

Are you a Times reader? Are you in the market for "A Magnificent Lakefront Estate Home in Prestigious 'Lake Butler Sound,' Windermere, Florida"? Do you have a Warren Sapp fetish that you haven't told anyone about? Well then you're already probably pretty excited! This was on page B7 of the Times today. »9/30/12 2:30pm9/30/12 2:30pm

Warren Sapp Called Brandon Marshall A "Retard," So Marshall Filmed Two Video Responses, Sideways, While Driving

On his radio show last week, Dan Patrick baited Warren Sapp into saying some dumb stuff about "kids these days"—how about Cam Newton celebrating a touchdown when his team is losing?! What a glory boy!—and Sapp took the bait, hook, line and sinker: not only did he incomprehensibly declare, "These kids that play the… »9/29/12 11:15am9/29/12 11:15am

Jon Gruden Is Gonna Get Two Hotel Rooms For All His Bitches, Bill Belichick's Dick Is Hard, And Other Things We Learned From Warren Sapp's New Book

You may know Warren Sapp from his 13 years as an All-Pro NFL defensive tackle, or perhaps from his recent legal foray, the YouTube series "Judge Sapp." Or maybe you watch him on the NFL Network or follow his busy Twitter feed. Well, if you didn't have enough platforms to access Warren Sapp, now you have another: His… »8/22/12 6:30pm8/22/12 6:30pm

EBay Bidding On 215 Pairs Of Warren Sapp's Nikes Is Now At $16,500

As a "Young Person" who aspires to bring a sense of "flair" to his wardrobe, I own a bunch of colorful sneakers. Some of them are Air Jordans, though I find that Air Jordans generally give little bang for their buck. They're boxy and limited in their palettes. Elephant print is about as adventurous as they get. If… »8/08/12 9:45am8/08/12 9:45am

Warren Sapp Says He's Not A Reporter, But He Is Willing To Fight Jeremy Shockey

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: After claiming Shockey was the Bountygate snitch, Sapp wants to clear some things up. »6/22/12 4:50pm6/22/12 4:50pm

Warren Sapp Claims He Filed For Bankruptcy To Avoid Going To Jail

According to Sapp, all his financial troubles are thanks to that eternal temptress, the can't-miss real estate deal. Sapp spoke to the Tampa Bay Times and elaborated on how a man who made around $60 million over his career was reducing to cataloging his sneaker and naked lady painting collections in a bankruptcy… »4/14/12 4:00pm4/14/12 4:00pm

An Inside Look At How Jeremy Shockey Will Beat This "Snitching" Rap

Self-proclaimed life coach Jeremy Shockey was fingered today by NFL Network's Warren Sapp as the "snitch" who helped expose the New Orleans Saints' bounty program that led to coach Sean Payton's subsequent one-year suspension. Now, in keeping with the NFL's arcane sense of antiquated machismo, that's a bad thing. You… »3/21/12 8:15pm3/21/12 8:15pm