Rangers Goalie Cam Talbot Somehow Stopped This Shot

Nicklas Backstrom, on the right, received a pass from Joel Ward across the goal. He had the puck at this moment. Look at where Rangers goalie Cam Talbot is, and all the wide-open net available. Backstrom shot; Talbot made the save. » 3/12/15 1:10pm 3/12/15 1:10pm

The Penguins And Capitals Had Themselves A Nice Little Bench Brawl

The Penguins and Capitals were feeling a bit feisty last night, so much so that they decided have a scrap right on the Penguins' bench. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a true line brawl, but it's still pretty crazy. » 2/26/15 9:51am 2/26/15 9:51am

Barry Trotz On Possibly Misguided Quest To Keep Tiger At Columbus Zoo

According to a series of tweets from Aaron Portzline—the Blue Jackets beat reporter for The Columbus Dispatch—Washington Capitals coach Barry Trotz is trying to prevent an Amur (Siberian) tiger named Foley from being transferred from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to the Kansas City Zoo. You see, Foley is recently… » 1/26/15 9:38pm 1/26/15 9:38pm

Where's The Puck, Braden Holtby?

Capitals goalie Braden Holtby lost a puck in his uniform, and officials made him rifle through his layers to remove it, because they didn't want it to pop out later during play. Join the journey, and watch Holtby as he gets increasingly frustrated. » 1/04/15 6:27pm 1/04/15 6:27pm

The Winter Classic Was Really Great Even If Not Many People Watched

Did you see the Capitals top the Blackhawks in a thrilling game played outdoors at Washington's Nationals Park? Statistically, you probably did not: » 1/02/15 11:45am 1/02/15 11:45am

I Wish That Panthers-Caps Shootout Were Still Going

The shootout is dumb and bad. It is a sideshow, a skills competition, a way to decide a hockey game that bears only the slightest resemblance to hockey. It is a poor answer to a question no one was asking. And yet, every once in a while, a shootout gets so absurd, so endlessly, deliriously bananas, that it nearly… » 12/17/14 9:35am 12/17/14 9:35am

Panthers Beat Capitals In Longest Shootout In NHL History

The Panthers beat the Capitals 2-1 tonight, but to get the full two points they had to win the longest shootout in NHL history (The previous longest lasted 15 rounds). Through 19 shots each the shootout was tied 5-5, but on the 20th shot, Alex Ovechkin missed his while Nick Bjugstad made his (17:40 in the video… » 12/16/14 11:58pm 12/16/14 11:58pm

Jason Chimera's Nose Got Toasted Last Night

Washington Capitals forward Jason Chimera went to hit Detroit's Brendan Smith in the first period of last night's game, but he ended up hitting his face on Smith's helmet. The result was a very busted nose for Chimera. » 10/30/14 3:50pm 10/30/14 3:50pm

Alex Ovechkin Lamely Explains Away Photo In Support Of Ukrainian Rebels

Last month, Alexander Ovechkin posted the above photo to his Instagram account last month. It featured the caption, "Our grandparents have seen the horrors of fascism. We will not allow it in our time!!" and the hashtag #savechildrenfromfascism. » 9/09/14 9:52am 9/09/14 9:52am

Maria Kirilenko On Dumping Alex Ovechkin Over Instagram Photo: Nyet

In case you haven't heard, Alex Ovechkin and tennis player Maria Kirilenko announced their split Monday. Goodbye, incredibly athletic Russian power couple. An SI report said that the breakup occurred over Ovechkin's Instagram photo with another girl, but according to Kirilenko, that's false. » 7/22/14 6:25pm 7/22/14 6:25pm

Barry Trotz Is Just The Right Coach For Alex Ovechkin

Fair or not, every Capitals coach over the last several years has ultimately been judged by what he has been able to get out of Alex Ovechkin. Next up: Barry Trotz. » 5/27/14 1:50pm 5/27/14 1:50pm

Alex Ovechkin Injures Leg At World Championships, Carried Off Of Ice

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was injured in today's IIHF World Championships match between Russia and Germany. » 5/18/14 4:08pm 5/18/14 4:08pm

The Man Who Scored The NHL's Greatest Shootout Goal Hangs Up His Skates

Defenseman Marek Malik announced his retirement from hockey today, after five years in Europe following a 15-year NHL career that stretched all the way back to the Hartford Whalers. But few players, especially with that kind of service time, are so inextricably linked to one meaningless moment as Malik is to his… » 5/07/14 2:58pm 5/07/14 2:58pm

The Washington Post's Katie Carrera has the definitive account of the long-percolating demise of the Capitals. It's Caps-specific, sure, but should ring true for any fan who's seen their team's window close. » 4/11/14 5:58pm 4/11/14 5:58pm

Jaroslav Halak Doesn't Want To Face His Old Team

Tonight's Caps-Blues game sees a matchup between the West's best team and a club that's all but eliminated from playoff contention, one notable only for Washington goalie Jaroslav Halak's first chance to face his former team since being moved at the trade deadline. Except—Halak apparently wants no part of the Blues. » 4/08/14 3:52pm 4/08/14 3:52pm

Flyers Fight Dirty In Another Line Brawl With The Capitals

Bad blood from one of the ugliest brawls of the season finally spilled over in Philly last night, as the Flyers and Caps engaged in a melee that featured a player shoving another while he was done, three guys jumping one, and Wayne Simmonds holding John Erskine from behind while Vinny Lecavlier punched him in the face. » 3/06/14 9:02am 3/06/14 9:02am