Alex Ovechkin, Like You, Says He Was Late For Work Because He Didn't Set His Alarm Correctly

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin wasn’t at Tuesday’s morning skate, and as a result, he didn’t play in the team’s game against the Sharks. The official explanation for the scratch: “personal reasons.” Today, Ovechkin blamed his alarm clock for the absence. He says he mixed up his a.m. and p.m. »10/14/15 1:20pm10/14/15 1:20pm

Joel Ward Gets Hockey Better Than Lazy Sportswriters

Alexander Ovechkin guaranteed that the Capitals will win tonight’s Game 7. What if the Rangers win? Or, more trickily, what if the Caps win and Ovechkin doesn’t appear on the scoresheet? How would that reflect upon Ovechkin, who (unfairly) has gained a reputation as a scorer who can’t score in the most critical of… »5/13/15 2:35pm5/13/15 2:35pm

Alex Ovechkin: "We're Going To Come Back And Win The Series"

The quote feels so businesslike, I’m almost hesitant to call it a guarantee. Aren’t players supposed to be outwardly confident? To assume the best-case scenario? To believe that if they play up to their abilities, victory can actually be assured? More to the point: would you ever want anyone on your favorite team who… »5/11/15 9:05am5/11/15 9:05am