A judge has sided with the Orioles and against MLB and the Nationals in their ongoing dispute over t

A judge has sided with the Orioles and against MLB and the Nationals in their ongoing dispute over the percentage of TV rights fees that go to Washington. The judge urged the parties to go to truly independent arbitration, but in the meantime it will cost the Nats tens of millions of dollars a year. »11/04/15 3:15pm11/04/15 3:15pm

Dusty Baker Named Washington Nationals Manager After They Cheap Out On Bud Black

Last Wednesday Bud Black agreed to become the Washington Nationals manager, with seemingly everything wrapped up and just the i’s to dot and the t’s to cross. It was such a done deal that the Washington Post was writing articles with headlines like “What’s next after the Nationals’ hiring of Bud Black?” This morning… »11/03/15 8:11am11/03/15 8:11am

Max Scherzer Becomes First Pitcher Since Nolan Ryan In 1973 To Throw Two No-Hitters In Same Regular Season

Max Scherzer, who in June came within an out of a perfect game and sandwiched that no-hitter with a one-hitter and five more perfect innings, no-hit the Mets tonight en route to becoming the first hurler since Nolan Ryan in 1973 to hold two teams hitless in the same regular season. »10/03/15 9:31pm10/03/15 9:31pm

Max Scherzer Pretends To Choke Bryce Harper

The Washington Nationals, the saddest and most dysfunctional team in the league, are somehow still playing baseball games. I kind of assumed that everyone had already packed up their shit and gone home for the winter, but nope! They’re still out there, pitchin’ and hittin’ and catchin’. At least Max Scherzer and Bryce… »10/02/15 10:17am10/02/15 10:17am

The Washington Nationals Certainly Seem To Hate Matt Williams

The Washington Post’s Barry Svrluga has a deep, perfectly-timed dive into the Washington National’s disaster of a season. Not only is it a complete tick-tock of how the team fell apart, it features a number of quotes and anecdotes from inside the clubhouse, each one revealing that Matt Williams’s performance as… »9/30/15 4:03pm9/30/15 4:03pm

Enjoy The Matt Williams Farce While You Still Can

It is a testament to the Washington Nationals’ dysfunction that the dugout fight between Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper almost made sense compared to everything that came after. A team’s for-hire closer trying to choke the league MVP is one thing, but it’s absolutely inexplicable that manager Matt Williams then… »9/28/15 9:41am9/28/15 9:41am

Jonathan Papelbon And Bryce Harper Brawl In Nationals Dugout

The Nationals are really deteriorating as their season comes to an end. They somehow have a winning record, but the dugout has gotten downright toxic. Just this week, Papelbon plunked Manny Machado then Bryce Harper called him out for it. Today, tensions boiled over and the two got into a fight in the dugout after… »9/27/15 4:15pm9/27/15 4:15pm

Nationals Cannot Stop Beating Selves, Allow Inside-The-Park Grand Slam

The Nationals really have no one to blame but themselves for probably losing their way out of a chance at the playoffs, and this play from tonight’s game against the 57-96 Phillies is a great example. Here’s Aaron Altherr driving home all three baserunners and himself thanks to a misplayed ball by Michael Taylor. It’s… »9/25/15 8:20pm9/25/15 8:20pm

Matt Williams Fucks Up Again, Gets Booed At His Press Conference

Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams has spent most of the last week doing everything he can to ensure that his team’s slide out of playoff contention continues without a hitch. If his recent handling of the bullpen had Nats fans bashing their heads against walls, last night’s managerial performance should have… »9/09/15 10:17am9/09/15 10:17am

The Nats Are On Life Support, And Matt Williams Is Yanking Away At The Plug

Manager Matt Williams isn’t totally to blame for what’s happened to the Nats this season—they are, hands down, the most disappointing team in baseball, and their 93-win over-under from the start of the year is looking more and more hilarious by the day—but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be punted into the Sun. »9/08/15 2:41pm9/08/15 2:41pm

Bryce Harper: Nationals Fans Leaving Early Was "Brutal"

Early-September series don’t get much more important than Mets-Nats, not with each game being a two-game swing in the standings and a wild card all but out of reach for the loser. The Mets came to Washington four games up, so for the Nationals, this is basically a playoff series. Bryce Harper wishes the fans would… »9/08/15 9:01am9/08/15 9:01am