Reports: The Nationals Asked D.C. To Buy Them A Roof For $300 Million

The math of stadium financing always seems to be addition. Nationals Park opened in 2008, and the $693 million ballpark was entirely paid for through public funding. Now, according to multiple reports out of Washington, the Nats have approached local officials about building a retractable roof over the stadium, with… » 11/26/13 5:45pm 11/26/13 5:45pm

Jayson Werth Reacts To Super-Slow Pitch As If He Saw A Ghost

By the time Jayson Werth came to the plate in the fifth, he had already homered, and the Nationals had already chased Cubs starter Jake Arrieta. And that's when Carlos Villanueva snapped off a breaking pitch that was clocked at just 57 ... miles ... per ... hour. It's safe to say Werth never saw it coming. » 8/22/13 12:51pm 8/22/13 12:51pm

Pittsburgh Fan With Sign Sculpted Into His Body Hair Invades D.C.

This just in to Yinzerspin. Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington spotted this guy a few minutes ago at Nationals Park, where the Pirates are getting set to play the Nats in about 30 minutes. Is this the same jagoff who shaved something similar into his body hair at a Penguins playoff game a few months back? Someone else… » 7/22/13 6:33pm 7/22/13 6:33pm