Marathon Runners Carrying Competitor Across Finish Line? Didn't Happen.

You may have heard the inspirational story yesterday about a Boston Marathon runner who collapsed just short of the finish and was unable to continue, but found himself carried across the line by four fellow runners. The story embodied a spirit of resilience and strength, and the idea of "Boston Strong": people… » 4/22/14 3:00pm 4/22/14 3:00pm

Dave McKenna Returns To WaPo Sports After Being Run Out By Kornheiser

This Sunday's Washington Post Magazine cover story was written by Dave McKenna, and it is about sports. The fact that McKenna wrote a story about sports isn't momentous, he does that all the time, but as Poynter's Andrew Beaujon reminds us, this is the first time he's been allowed to write about sports for the … » 3/07/14 6:07pm 3/07/14 6:07pm

Washington Post Finds Retired NFL Players Broken And Uninsured

You might've wondered at some point in the past umpteen seasons of watching NFL football, Hey, who pays for the chronic and perhaps debilitating injuries these players are doubtlessly incurring? The Washington Post has your answer: Probably not the teams, possibly the taxpayer and, quite likely, no one. » 5/11/13 5:08pm 5/11/13 5:08pm

Washington Post Photographer's Award-Winning Wrestling Photo…

Tracy Woodward, a staff photographer for the Washington Post recently won an Award of Excellence from the White House News Photographers Association for the above photo. Well, not exactly the above photo. Move that handy slider thing all the way to the right to see the original picture, as published in the newspaper » 2/26/13 6:20pm 2/26/13 6:20pm

How Two Newspapers Wound Up Staging The Same Sob Story About The Ray…

Richard Lollar was one of two men killed in the 2000 Super Bowl week stabbing outside an Atlanta nightclub that led to Ray Lewis's pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. For 13 years Lollar has been buried in his hometown of Akron, and in those 13 years his mother Priscilla had never been to his his grave.… » 1/28/13 2:20pm 1/28/13 2:20pm

Washington Post Drags Victim's Mother To His Grave To Remind Us That…

"Here he is right here," Priscilla says with a smile.

She stands there for a long time, saying nothing. She uses the toe of her shoe to push snow from Richard's marker, adorned with a pair of clasped hands and a cross. Her shoe traces the marker's perimeter, again and again, and Priscilla chuckles at her discovery.…

» 1/25/13 3:00pm 1/25/13 3:00pm