Washington Defensive End Jason Hatcher: Referees "Single Us Out" Because Of Team Name

Washington got the shit kicked out of them by Cam Newton and the Panthers today. Newton tossed five touchdowns and generally ran all over everyone. Of course, Washington helped him out plenty, as they committed nine penalties for 68 yards, including a would-be pick-six that got called all the way back. Save for a late… »Sunday 5:54pm11/22/15 5:54pm


John Oliver Gleefully Recaps Dan Snyder's "DICK BALLS" Legal Filing

We noted earlier this week a comically vulgar legal defense levied by NFL owner Dan Snyder to retain the “Washington Redskins” trademark, and HBO comic John Oliver covered the topic on his Last Week Tonight program. The organization’s point becomes even more clear when spoken out loud; Dan Snyder wants to clearly… »11/08/15 11:37pm11/08/15 11:37pm

The Washington Post has a nice little profile of Lisa Blatt, the lawyer behind the Washington footba

The Washington Post has a nice little profile of Lisa Blatt, the lawyer behind the Washington football team’s comically vulgar court filing arguing their name is not offensive. Blatt has argued 33 cases before the Supreme Court—and won 32 of them—so underestimate her at your peril. »11/05/15 9:51pm11/05/15 9:51pm

Pierre Garçon Is Leading A Class-Action Lawsuit Against FanDuel On Behalf Of NFL Players

On Friday Pierre Garçon filed a federal class-action lawsuit in Maryland against FanDuel on behalf of all the NFL players whose likenesses and names the site uses, he says, without proper permission. FanDuel has marketing agreements with 15 NFL teams, including Washington, who was one of the first teams to sign one.… »10/31/15 1:50pm10/31/15 1:50pm

Report: Neurologist Who Switched RG3's Concussion Diagnosis Resigns (UPDATE)

According to a report from Liz Clarke & Mark Maske of The Washington Post, Dr. Robert Kurtzke, the independent neurologist who reversed Robert Griffin III’s concussion diagnosis, then unreversed it a day later, has resigned from the neurological consultant program that works with the NFL and the NFLPA. He will finish… »9/05/15 10:49am9/05/15 10:49am

A Who's On First Email Exchange With Hapless Skins PR Boss Tony Wyllie (UPDATE)

Earlier tonight, the Washington football team released a statement on behalf of GM Scot McCloughan’s wife Jessica, apologizing for having sent tweets accusing an ESPN reporter of trading sexual favors for access. But just a few hours before releasing the statement, Washington PR svengali Tony Wyllie told both Black… »9/03/15 12:10am9/03/15 12:10am