Nobody Likes RGIII And I Kind Of Feel Bad For Him At This Point

Today, Robert Griffin III spoke to the media for the first time since being sacrificed to the Lions behind Washington’s Maginot offensive line. Everyone wanted to know: Was he concussed? Why have the Skins waffled on the status of his brain? Griffin gave the answers of a man who is supremely sick of this shit.… » 8/27/15 4:01pm Thursday 4:01pm

RGIII Was Thrown To The Wolves

It’s a scene we’ve seen before: Robert Griffin III, lying motionless on the turf as he’s attended to by Washington’s medical staff. Last night’s preseason concussion, for which coach Jay Gruden is being blasted for leaving Griffin in behind a painfully overmatched offensive line, is all too familiar for everyone… » 8/21/15 10:33am 8/21/15 10:33am

RGIII Has A Concussion, But You Wouldn't Know It From Official 'Skins TV

Tonight’s official presentation of the Detroit-Washington game on the Redskins Broadcast Network left viewers understandably confused about Robert Griffin III’s condition after leaving the game tonight in the second quarter due to injury. That’s mostly because the network repeatedly asserted the team’s quarterback… » 8/20/15 11:31pm 8/20/15 11:31pm

Robert Griffin III Leaves Preseason Game With Shoulder Injury (UPDATE)

For some reason, Robert Griffin III stayed in Washington’s meaningless preseason game against the Detroit Lions for four series. Because Washington was missing Trent Williams and the rest of their offensive line is made of paper, Griffin got walloped half a dozen times before hurting his shoulder in a scrum for a… » 8/20/15 8:44pm 8/20/15 8:44pm

RGIII: "I Feel Like I'm The Best Quarterback In The League"

I have absolutely nothing to say about this, other than that lots of very talented people in all fields manage to go about their jobs and do great work without believing they’re literally the best in the world at it, and also that football season doesn’t officially begin until Robert Griffin III declares his belief… » 8/17/15 1:20pm 8/17/15 1:20pm

Niles Paul Carted Off With Gruesome Ankle Injury (UPDATE)

The NFL preseason is a great time for unheralded players to make the case for playing time in the regular season and, unfortunately, for established players to risk injuries. The injury gods have claimed their first victim tonight, and it’s Washington starting tight end Niles Paul. Paul’s ankle bent at a pretty… » 8/13/15 8:55pm 8/13/15 8:55pm

DeAndre Hopkins And DeAngelo Hall Are Still Going At It

The first episode of Hard Knocks featured Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins and Washington CB DeAngelo Hall jawing at each other through a joint practice. The climax was Hall slipping and falling in coverage, and Hopkins treating it like he broke Hall’s ankles. The battle didn’t end with on-field taunting, though: » 8/13/15 1:16pm 8/13/15 1:16pm

Dan Snyder Removes Thousands Of Seats From FedEx Field

It turns out that Washington’s 200,000-person season-ticket waiting list was a lie was only as firm as the team’s success. There hasn’t been a lot of that in recent years, and there has been a corresponding dip in attendance. But it’s a hell of a lot easier to fill a stadium when you take out 5,000 or so seats. » 6/02/15 12:45pm 6/02/15 12:45pm

Report: Buffalo, Washington, And Houston Are Potential Hard Knocks Teams

Thanks to new rules instituted after HBO and the NFL had difficulty finding a team to appear on Hard Knocks, the league can now force teams to take part if they meet certain criteria. Nine teams fit the bill: The Browns, Redskins, Giants, Buccaneers, Vikings, Texans, Rams, Titans, and Jaguars. Most of those,… » 5/22/15 10:40am 5/22/15 10:40am