Washington State Tries Fake Punt, Gives Up Touchdown Instead

Washington State’s still holding onto a narrow lead over 24th-ranked Cal today, but this thoroughly ruined fake punt put the Bears back in the game. We don’t blame the Cougars for trying the fake—4th and 1 at midfield is prime time to go for it, really—but punters are not running backs. »10/03/15 6:10pm10/03/15 6:10pm

Read The Bullshit Charts A "Scientist" Is Hawking To Sports Teams

Every team wants the perfect draft pick. It's a deceptively simple-sounding goal that haunts every executive in sports, because they are being asked to do the nearly impossible—predict what human beings will do. Sure, every few years a player like Andrew Luck or Bryce Harper comes along who simply can't fail (even… »3/13/15 1:18pm3/13/15 1:18pm

Wazzu QB Connor Halliday Breaks NCAA Passing Record, Still Loses

Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday threw for 734 yards and six touchdowns last night against Cal. That broke not only David Klingler's 24-year-old FBS record, but the overall NCAA record of 730 for a game that was set by Old Dominion's Taylor Heinicke two years ago. The Cougars still lost, 60-59. »10/05/14 10:30am10/05/14 10:30am

Oregon Coach Sorry For Calling Out Mike Leach's "Low-Class Bullshit"

Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday set the FBS record for most pass attempts in a game on Saturday in a blowout loss to Oregon. He did it despite the game being all but over, and Ducks defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti was pissed at WSU coach Mike Leach for making it happen. "Total bullshit," Aliotti said. »10/21/13 1:28pm10/21/13 1:28pm

Reports: USC Basketball Players Involved In Fight In Downtown Spokane Following Loss To Washington State

Earlier today we received a tip claiming that two USC basketball players were involved in a series of fights in downtown Spokane Saturday night. KREM in Spokane, Washington is now reporting that police are investigating the matter because, according to a witness who was also commenting on the linked facebook thread,… »3/10/13 9:19pm3/10/13 9:19pm

"Dangerously Excessive": How Washington State Football Confronted, And Didn't Confront, The First Bad News Of The Mike Leach Era

"There are no signs of abuse," Washington State University athletic director Bill Moos told reporters last month, after the school had concluded an internal investigation into claims that football coach Mike Leach and his staff had mistreated players in his debut season there. Based on interviews with a dozen football… »1/08/13 1:15pm1/08/13 1:15pm

"It Is Totally Out Of Control": Here's The Letter That Started Washington State's Investigation Of Mike Leach [UPDATED]

Washington State University announced today that an internal review had cleared football coach Mike Leach and his staff of any misconduct. Last month, star wide receiver Marquess Wilson was suspended for violating team rules, after which he quit the team and released a public letter alleging that coaches had abused… »12/12/12 11:18pm12/12/12 11:18pm

Marquess Wilson Exits Washington State With A Letter Alleging Mental And Physical Abuse From Mike Leach's Coaching Staff

Marquess Wilson, suspended indefinitely from an underperforming Washington State team by head coach Mike Leach this past week, is leaving the team. He was second-team All-American last year and tops the Cougars' all-time receiving yards list. Here's the letter he gave to the Visalia Times-Delta, in which he alleges… »11/10/12 10:15pm11/10/12 10:15pm