Field Hockey America Vs. Rodeo America: Mapping The Faultlines Of America's Regional Sports

America is a beautiful, horrifying, crazy-ass mishmash of distinct geographic regions, as we know from watching John King's index finger on election night. This extends to all aspects of American life, of which the most important is obviously sports. Beyond the televised pro leagues (and their college counterparts),… »11/08/12 10:32am11/08/12 10:32am

Water Polo Coach Celebrates Gold By Jumping Into The Pool, Lands Crotch First On Some Other Dude's Head

The US women's water polo team took gold today, stomping out Spain 8-5. When the game ended, the team and coaching staff linked arms and took a ceremonious plunge into the pool. One of the coaches, who was already a little late to this party, jumped in after them, only to land crotch-first on the head of one of the… »8/09/12 6:57pm8/09/12 6:57pm

Hungary Forced Overtime In Women's Water Polo With A Buzzer-Beating Sneak Attack

It was all over, and then it wasn't. In the women's water polo bronze medal game, Australia looked like it had everything sewn up when goalkeeper Alicia McCormack stopped Rita Keszthelyi's long-range shot with about 10 seconds to go. The celebration began, since all the Aussies had to do was run out the clock, dry… »8/09/12 4:15pm8/09/12 4:15pm

NBC Aired A Bare Breast During Live Water Polo Coverage Today [NSFW]

NBC is actually airing live Olympics right now, as the Spain-United States women's water polo match is underway. They may decide to end the practice entirely and go all-tape delay, though, as an underwater shot aired earlier revealed a bit more than they bargained for. Water polo's a rough sport, and this sort of… »8/01/12 1:47pm8/01/12 1:47pm

Look At This U-18 Canadian Water Polo Player Trying To Blow Up A Vancouver Police Cruiser

There goes your scholarship, boyo. The intelligent young man you see here neglecting to cover his face with his hood but flashing some nifty Nike Dunk Highs(?) has been identified as Nathan Kotylak, who plays the sport of water polo at a very impressive level and looks remarkably at ease lighting a rag stuffed in the… »6/17/11 5:10pm6/17/11 5:10pm

This Is The Problem With Live-Streaming Female Water Polo Photos

Whoops! Does this mean Yahoo! has to star »8/11/08 12:55pm8/11/08 12:55pmt using the NSFW tag throughout the Olympics? Well, congratulations to photographer William West of Getty Images for snapping this action shot during the titillating Australia/Greece women's water polo match-up. NBC should thank him too, as the ratings for this particular…