I Was Wayne Gretzky's (Hungover) Linemate: An NHL Journeyman Picks The Wrong Night To Drink

To say I was a Wayne Gretzky fan as a child would be like saying that my brother has a small gap in his teeth. The Oilers were my team and Wayne was my idol. When Chris and I played hockey in the basement, I was always Gretzky and he was always Mike Bossy. Two of the most creative offensive forwards of all time were… »1/10/13 4:20pm1/10/13 4:20pm

Wayne Gretzky Figures The Lockout Will End Soon Because Gary Bettman And Don Fehr Are "Two Smart People"

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Meanwhile, the sides have not exchanged proposals in weeks. »10/12/12 4:30pm10/12/12 4:30pm

Wayne Gretzky's Dad Thinks Fighting In Hockey Is "Stupid"

Joe O'Connor of the National Post has written a wonderful story on Walter Gretzky, father of Wayne and "King of Hockey Dads." The 73-year-old Gretzky has battled hearing and memory loss for years and was just recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. Despite all that, he maintains a good spirit and had days' worth of… »4/18/12 10:00pm4/18/12 10:00pm

Sam Gagner Tied Gretzky's Oilers Record With Eight Points Last Night

The last time an NHL player had an eight-point regular season game (1988), Sam Gagner wasn't born yet. That he tied an Oilers club record held by legends like Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey makes his performance last night against Chicago that much more glorious. Since we can't depend on you having access to these… »2/03/12 10:42am2/03/12 10:42am

Wayne Gretzky's Daughter Makes Triumphant, Pantsless Return To Twitter

We told you last week that she went away, ostensibly at her father's urging. But, just like that, 22-year-old Paulina Gretzky is back. While her new avatar is one of those holiday family photos of her and Mom and the other Gretzky children, her latest tweet includes what you see above. As you were. [@PaulinaGretzky,… »12/06/11 3:20pm12/06/11 3:20pm

Chris Pronger Thinks He Is Not On Air, Says A "Shitfaced" Mike Keenan Once Stormed Gretzky's Hotel

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger stopped by XM Radio's NHL Live studios in New York for a half-hour interview on Friday morning. For a brief interlude, the host threw things to their correspondent in Boston. But the mics remained hot, at least for a few minutes available in the podcast edition (to which… »5/31/11 9:05pm5/31/11 9:05pm

Wayne Gretzky Officially Has Better Hair Than Justin Bieber

The only part of this clip from today's episode of "The Talk" that's really worth watching is at the very beginning. The host asks for "somebody to help me out," as in, to make some noise, and a girl in the front row stands and holds her arm up in desperation; she's thinking she'll get to say something to Justin… »2/23/11 7:45pm2/23/11 7:45pm