Flyers Fight Dirty In Another Line Brawl With The Capitals

Bad blood from one of the ugliest brawls of the season finally spilled over in Philly last night, as the Flyers and Caps engaged in a melee that featured a player shoving another while he was done, three guys jumping one, and Wayne Simmonds holding John Erskine from behind while Vinny Lecavlier punched him in the face. »3/06/14 9:02am3/06/14 9:02am


Czech Fans Chant "Monkey, Monkey" At Wayne Simmonds

Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds recently signed with a team in the Czech Republic to try and ride out the lockout. It is exciting for Czech fans to see real life NHLers, but also scary for some of them to see a black person. So a sizable portion of the crowd in Chomutov did not take it well when Simmonds, playing for… »10/29/12 5:05pm10/29/12 5:05pm

Which Sports Leagues Care If You Call Someone A "Fucking Faggot?"

This here's Colin Clark, a midfielder for the Houston Dynamo. On Friday, Clark was frustrated with a ball boy for not giving him a new ball fast enough. Picked up by the onfield microphones, everyone watching the nationally televised game heard Clark call the ball boy a "fucking faggot." It immediately became a… »3/28/12 3:00pm3/28/12 3:00pm

One Winnipeg Fan Vehemently Disapproved Of Wayne Simmonds's Game-Tying Goal

"The Jets will have to settle for one point and another in a long line of learning experiences. Philadelphia's Jaromir Jagr scored with 43.6 seconds left in overtime on the Flyers' 55th shot of the game, giving them a 5-4 victory on Tuesday night at the MTS Centre. Holding a 4-3 lead in the final minute of… »2/22/12 12:00am2/22/12 12:00am

The Fan Who Threw A Banana At A Black Hockey Player Has Been Arrested

Police in London, Ontario, held a press conference this afternoon to announce the arrest of 26-year-old London resident Christopher Moorhouse for allegedly throwing a banana at Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers. The incident happened when Simmonds, one of the NHL's few black players, was attempting a penalty… »9/28/11 2:30pm9/28/11 2:30pm

Black Hockey Player Pays The Bigotry Forward, Calls Sean Avery A "Fucking Faggot"

Just over a week ago, Wayne Simmonds—one of the few black players in the NHL—had a banana thrown at him during an exhibition game in London. Yesterday in Philadelphia, after a slight altercation during a preseason game against the Rangers at Wells Fargo Center, Simmonds allegedly called Sean Avery a "fucking faggot"… »9/27/11 3:50pm9/27/11 3:50pm