Hanley Ramirez Is The Latest Star To Get Injured In The WBC

The Dominican Republic beat Puerto Rico 3-0 last night, to become the first non-Japanese team to win the World Baseball Classic. That's great for them (these fans sure were pleased), but the regular season is 11 days away, and yet another MLB star could find himself on the shelf come the games that matter. » 3/20/13 11:37am 3/20/13 11:37am

Italy's WBC Run Ends In Tears And Errors

Italy's unlikely run at the World Baseball Classic is over. As against the Dominican Republic, Italy jumped out to an early lead on the Puerto Rico. And, as against the Dominican Republic, they gave it all back late. And though baseball is a team game, it's hard not to pin the blame on two shortstops, career minor… » 3/14/13 9:13am 3/14/13 9:13am

Here's A Japanese Announcer Calling The Netherlands' Upset Over Cuba, Because International Baseball Is Awesome

I will admit to having been a WBC Doubting Thomas. Even as the first two editions produced their share of exciting moments, there was no lasting image, or huge shake-up of the baseball hierarchy. This year, though? I take back every use of the word "exhibition." Between the U.S.'s two stirring comeback wins, the… » 3/11/13 3:48pm 3/11/13 3:48pm

WBC Brawl Caused By Written Rule That Flies In The Face of Baseball's Unwritten Rules

Baseball, am I right? The cause of yesterday's brawl between Mexico and Canada is being laid at the feet of the tournament's tie-breaking procedure, specifically run differential. Because of the rules, as Canada manager Ernie Whitt said, the game is always played as though it's 0-0. So when Canada was bunting with a… » 3/10/13 11:05am 3/10/13 11:05am

Spring Training Long And Boring, Baseball Players Report

Baseball! It's the perfect sport for a laid-back afternoon, but it can drag. After what seems like an eternity of game after game, inning after inning, baking under the hot sun and trying not to get injured, you finally power through the dog days and arrive at the games that really matter: opening day. » 3/05/13 5:50pm 3/05/13 5:50pm

South Korean Pro Team Cancels WBC Exhibition Against Cuba Because The Cubans Brought Weird Balls

Mildly scandalous behavior continues to plague the run-up to the World Baseball Classic. Yesterday, we had Taiwanese scouts disguising themselves as umpires and infiltrating a South Korean exhibition, and today we have a South Korean pro team refusing to play against the Cuban national team because the Cubans were… » 2/21/13 11:55am 2/21/13 11:55am

Ahead Of The WBC, Taiwan Sends Scouts Posing As Umpires To Spy On South Korean Team

You might not realize it from the USA's roster, but many countries think the World Baseball Classic is important. One of those is Taiwan, which is expecting big things. After failing to get out of a group of death in the 2009 tournament, they enter this year's WBC ranked fifth in the world—just a spot behind 2009… » 2/20/13 3:25pm 2/20/13 3:25pm

Bruce Chen Is Switching Teams For The World Baseball Classic

When you think of Bruce Chen, you think: trailblazer. The journeyman starter may have to fight to crack the Royals' rotation in spring training, but he's going to make some baseball history in March. Chen will become the first major leaguer to play for China when he pitches in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Perhaps… » 1/14/13 4:30pm 1/14/13 4:30pm

Deadspin I-Team: Help Us Find Footage of the 2006 USA-South Africa World Baseball Classic Game

On March 10, 2006, the USA beat South Africa 17-0 in the first World Baseball Classic game in history to be mercy-ruled. We're interested in obtaining the telecast for the game. It was shown on an ESPN network. If you have it or can get it, let us know. It's for a little project. » 6/08/11 12:55pm 6/08/11 12:55pm