A Day In The Life Of The Most Reckless Ballplayer In History

Yesterday, we republished W.C. Heinz's 1958 profile of Pete Reiser, a ballplayer whose talent could have carried him to the Hall of Fame, but whose penchant for pushing his constantly battered body beyond any reasonable limits undercut his career. At one point in the profile, Heinz details a period in which Reiser… »3/13/15 12:31pm3/13/15 12:31pm


How One Of America's Greatest Sportswriters Disappeared

It was almost endearing how an ink-smudged, deadline-addicted newspaper editor of yore would squint through the smoke from his cigarette and ask a bright young man why the hell he wanted to write sports. An editor like that was usually about as sensitive as a bolt cutter, but he couldn't resist the urge to protect… »3/11/15 2:13pm3/11/15 2:13pm

Here's The Race Result From "Death Of A Racehorse"

W.C. Heinz’s “Death of a Racehorse” owes none of its fame to nostalgia. Written in one hour, in one draft, on a manual typewriter, on deadline, the 1949 classic is hailed by many in the industry as quite possibly the perfect story. Jeff MacGregor called it “the Gettysburg Address sportswriting. A run of words so… »8/12/13 4:45pm8/12/13 4:45pm