This Is Probably Around The Time You Call The Game

Yes, that is a tornado (apparently not a tornado but just a really scary stormcloud) beyond the left-field wall at yesterday's opening night for the double-A Frisco RoughRiders. It was part of a series of storms that swept the Dallas area, and resulted in the RoughRiders' game being postponed in the third inning… » 4/04/14 12:41pm 4/04/14 12:41pm

Both Chicago Teams Played In The Fog, And It Was Gorgeous

We noticed last night that Wrigley Field looked like it had been transported to Silent Hill. (This being the Cubs, maybe Superman 64 is the better analogy.) But the fog covered the South Side too, and the morning-after photos are equal parts eerie, quirky, and beautiful. » 6/11/13 10:02am 6/11/13 10:02am

Watch This Meteorologist Hiccup His Way Through A Live Report

David Paul (hiccup!) is the chief meteorologist (hiccup!) at Houston's KHOU (hiccup!). He had a lot of detail (hiccup!) to cover during yesterday's (hiccup!) 5 p.m. broadcast (hiccup!). He nonetheless (hiccup!) managed (hiccup!) to tell his viewers (hiccup!) just what they needed to know (hiccup!) about the region's… » 4/30/13 5:13pm 4/30/13 5:13pm

MLB Should Probably Stop Scheduling April Games At Coors Field

Last week's four-game Mets-Rockies series featured two snow-outs, one of which was played as part of a supremely depressing doubleheader—a doubleheader, for that matter, which started two hours late because of an undermanned, overworked snow-clearing crew. The other game will probably be made up in June. At least that… » 4/23/13 11:43am 4/23/13 11:43am

Snow Clash: Watching Soccer Get Weird At 5,000 Feet

DENVER— By almost every measure, Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colo., is a thoroughly modern stadium. Built for $147 million in 2007 and home to Major League Soccer’s Colorado Rapids since then, it seats 18,000 soccer fans just north of Denver. The entire complex contains 24 soccer fields. It's as close… » 3/26/13 5:00pm 3/26/13 5:00pm

Charles Barkley Randomly Showed Up On The Phoenix ABC Local News And…

This is... weird. Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley dropped by the 11 p.m. newscast of Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV last night and tried his hand at meteorology. We can't say it went well. It's not entirely clear what Sir Charles was doing there in the first place, though he did stick around for… » 1/28/13 9:50am 1/28/13 9:50am