Belgium's World Cup Tune-Up Interrupted By Giant Hail Storm

An international friendly between Belgium and Tunisia was stopped in the first half because golf-ball sized hail stones were raining down on the players. The hail became unmanageable at around the 24 minute mark, with the match still scoreless, and play was halted for approximately 40 minutes. As you can imagine it… » 6/07/14 6:06pm 6/07/14 6:06pm

What Parts Of The Country Get The Worst Weather Predictions?


When you check the day's temperature or see if it's going to rain on your way to work, the answer can vary widely depending on where you look. Luckily, the website ForecastAdvisor—which grades the accuracy of U.S. forecasting outlets such as The Weather Channel, National Weather Service (NWS), CustomWeather, and … » 5/02/14 1:23pm 5/02/14 1:23pm

This Is Probably Around The Time You Call The Game

Yes, that is a tornado (apparently not a tornado but just a really scary stormcloud) beyond the left-field wall at yesterday's opening night for the double-A Frisco RoughRiders. It was part of a series of storms that swept the Dallas area, and resulted in the RoughRiders' game being postponed in the third inning… » 4/04/14 12:41pm 4/04/14 12:41pm

Watch This Meteorologist Hiccup His Way Through A Live Report

David Paul (hiccup!) is the chief meteorologist (hiccup!) at Houston's KHOU (hiccup!). He had a lot of detail (hiccup!) to cover during yesterday's (hiccup!) 5 p.m. broadcast (hiccup!). He nonetheless (hiccup!) managed (hiccup!) to tell his viewers (hiccup!) just what they needed to know (hiccup!) about the region's… » 4/30/13 5:13pm 4/30/13 5:13pm