Mark Brunell Claims Weed Ruins Lives, Calls For Increased NFL Testing

Former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell appeared on ESPN this morning to warn viewers of the scourge of marijuana, claiming it destroys the brain and ruins lives while demanding the NFL step up its testing and enforcement of an anti-weed policy. His claims were in response to Ryan Clark's recognition that many NFL players… » 2/07/14 10:59am 2/07/14 10:59am

Here's Some Audio From Boomer Esiason's Stoned MNF Broadcast

Last week, we learned about the time Boomer Esiason and Matt Millen got contact high while doing a radio broadcast for a Monday Night Football game in December 2000. Yesterday, Boomer shared some of his marijuana-infused commentary from that game on his daily radio show. » 1/14/14 10:50am 1/14/14 10:50am

How To Make A Pipe Out Of Candy And Tampons

Continuing our coverage of things that are not marijuana-smoking devices being fashioned into things that are marijuana-smoking devices, we give you this step-by-step guide to making pipes out of Starburst candy and tampons. Via Jezebel. » 11/20/13 5:52pm 11/20/13 5:52pm

Smoke Weed and Be Skinny: The Stoner Diet Plan

A recent study out of the University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center shows that pot smokers, on average, have smaller waists and higher levels of "good cholesterol" than non pot smokers even though they tend to eat more. Finally, a diet plan that's fun and » 5/16/13 11:39am 5/16/13 11:39am

Fred Hoiberg Tells Us, "I Have Never Smoked Pot In My Life"

Since Jay Williams's interview—in which he accuses teammates on the 2002-03 Chicago Bulls of smoking pot before games—ran in The New York Times, we have been covering the story with all the attention it deserves. Because who else will, you know? » 2/12/13 3:40pm 2/12/13 3:40pm

My Afternoon With Snoop Lion, President Of Weed

I went to LA this fall to profile Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg, formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg) for GQ. You can read the whole story right here. Suffice it to say, it's extremely weed-heavy. In fact, I dare say that Snoop deserves the honorific "President of Weed." I don't know who else could challenge him for it. Willie… » 1/03/13 1:20pm 1/03/13 1:20pm