Bobby Valentine Goes Apeshit On A Boston Sports Radio Host

Bobby Valentine's tenure as Red Sox manager is, in all likelihood, coming to an end, which is sad, because whatever faults you can find with the favorite son of Stamford, Conn., at least he's genuine. Yeah, he might be a genuine nutcase, but such candor and expression should be considered refreshing in an age of… » 9/05/12 4:15pm 9/05/12 4:15pm

John Dennis Says ESPN's Ryen Russillo Is A "Stumbling Drunk Alcoholic"…

A longtime Boston media beef came to another head last night, one which has WEEI broadcasting personality John Dennis blasting ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Show co-host Ryen Russillo as an alcoholic and alleging Russillo was forcibly ejected from ESPN's own Super Bowl party. » 2/04/12 6:46pm 2/04/12 6:46pm

Curt Schilling Takes His Blog Diva-ness to WEEI

Here's an interesting bit of news sent a long through tips. Red Sox pitcher and 38 Pitches blogger, Curt Schilling, will take his candid Red Sox observations and weird right-wing ranting over to WEEI. As you know, WEEI is scooping up popular bloggers left and right, most recently signing up Will Leitch to do a "Heavens… » 11/28/08 1:51pm 11/28/08 1:51pm