Giants Lineman Sean Locklear Used To Have A Right Knee: Giants-Redskins In Four GIFs

Washington 17, New York Giants 16: Ugh, so gross. Moving on. The Giants could have gone a long way to wrapping up the division while also taking the air out of the Washington sails, but no. The Redskins are right in the thick of things despite...let's call it an unorthodox first scoring drive. »12/03/12 11:56pm12/03/12 11:56pm


The Time Drew Brees Threw Five Picks And No Touchdown Passes: Saints-Falcons, In Two GIFs

Falcons 23, Saints 13: I'll admit, I wasn't too high on the Falcons coming into tonight's contest, which seemed not like the typical "trap game"—the Saints are way too talented to catch anyone off guard in such a respect—but it just felt like perhaps the Falcons were ripe for a reality check, having won seven games… »11/29/12 11:42pm11/29/12 11:42pm