Even Danny Woodhead's Butterfingers Can't Stop New England From Scoring: Patriots-Texans In Four GIFs

New England 42, Houston 14: Tom Brady had four touchdowns and 296 yards. Matt Schaub? He also participated in the game. New England running backs accounted for 127 yards rushing and another touchdown. Houston running backs had 99 yards and one touchdown. The Patriots ran only two more plays, but out-gained the Texans… »12/10/12 11:52pm12/10/12 11:52pm


Denarius Moore Has Some Serious Directional Issues: Broncos-Raiders, In One GIF

Broncos, 26, Raiders 13: Raiders fans really do deserve better than this team, and I say that not as someone who lives among many of them but solely as an interested football observer. The Broncos didn't clearly put this game away early on, but whatever hope Oakland may have had of making this a competitive contest… »12/06/12 11:41pm12/06/12 11:41pm