"It's Hard To Watch An NFL Team Struggle With The Most Basic Concept": Jets-Titans, In Three GIFs

Tennessee 14, New York Jets 10: That quote comes courtesy of Mike Tirico, one play before the two minute warning and the Jets, as they have all season, were having a hard time calling plays and getting personnel on the field in time. It sums up the Jets just as aptly as that GIF up there, which is your season… »12/17/12 11:57pm12/17/12 11:57pm


Marvin McNutt With The Own-Punt Block To End All Others: Eagles-Bengals, In One GIF

Bengals 34, Eagles 13: Well, that was something. For those that actually watched every second of this abomination of a football game—and from that club I exclude myself—I challenge anyone to explain where the redeeming value was in staging such a contest between two clubs that clearly seemed so unready/unwilling to… »12/13/12 11:46pm12/13/12 11:46pm