Atlanta 27, Denver 21: The Game In Two GIFs

The officiating in this game was an absolute disaster. Just brutal. It was as if Drew's column earlier today sprouted legs and was playing out on our televisions. There was a point where it really looked like things were going to boil over and shit was going to get out of hand. Shit did not get entirely out of hand,… » 9/18/12 12:24am 9/18/12 12:24am

Steelers 27, Jets 10: In Two GIFS

The Steelers slowly bludgeoned the Jets. It was over well before, but Isaac Redman trucked what was either a terrible or exhausted defense in the fourth quarter and this one was never really in doubt. Mark Sanchez followed up his fine season opener in his usual characteristically inconsistent manner. And Ben… » 9/16/12 8:18pm 9/16/12 8:18pm

Chargers 38, Titans 10: The Game In A Solitary GIF

Yeah. Not a whole lot went right for the Titans. Uh, no fumbles! That's pretty cool, right? Whatever. Chris Johnson had eight carries for 17 yards and everything is pretty sad on the Tennessee side so let's just not talk about the actual game. Here's something else to talk about: The replacement refs messed up again. » 9/16/12 8:15pm 9/16/12 8:15pm

Seahawks 27, Cowboys 7: The Game In Four GIFs

Yowza, the Cowboys got owned in Seattle. Russell Wilson outplayed Tony Romo, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 122 yards...oh, let's just let GIFs tell the story. » 9/16/12 8:05pm 9/16/12 8:05pm

St. Louis 31, Washington 28: The Game In A GIF

Jeff Fisher gets the first win of the Jeff Fisher era in St. Louis after watching his team come back from a 14-3 defecit after the first quarter. Sam Bradford threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns and captained the St. Louis comeback.
At Least Robert Griffin III Is Exciting: Griffin III also ran for two… » 9/16/12 7:58pm 9/16/12 7:58pm

Houston 27, Jacksonville 7: The Game In One GIF

The Jaguars did not have a good game. 117 total yards on offense is, like, the definition of not having a good game. Here's an optimistic post game quote from a Jacksonville player: » 9/16/12 7:09pm 9/16/12 7:09pm

Arizona 20, New England 18: The Game In One GIF

The only thing wrong with this game was the lack of John Skelton, who was out while he regrows his ankle from scratch. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski made four field goals but missed a game winner from 42 yards out in the final seconds of the game. » 9/16/12 6:42pm 9/16/12 6:42pm

Bengals 34, Browns 27: The Game In Two GIFs

Some primo running in this one—and actually some primo passing too, and generally good football playing all around. It's like Sean always says (this morning), "it's these god-awful looking games that become the most compelling." This one wasn't the most compelling, but if you like long runs to the end zone, well, do I… » 9/16/12 6:35pm 9/16/12 6:35pm

Miami 35, Oakland 13: The Game In Two GIFs

Reggie Bush rushed for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Reggie Bush rushed for 172 yards and two touchdowns. In addition to what you see below, Bush had a 65-yard touchdown-scoring run. After throwing three interceptions, Ryan Tannehill had no turnovers today. Progress! » 9/16/12 5:41pm 9/16/12 5:41pm

: Bush broke four tackles on his way to the…

Colts 23, Vikings 20: The Game In One GIF

Hey, Andrew Luck was pretty accurate, and drove the Colts down far enough down the field for an Adam Vinatieri field goal with eight seconds left in a very well-choreographed drive. And Christian Ponder was accurate too: 27 for 35 for 245 yards and two touchdowns. » 9/16/12 5:20pm 9/16/12 5:20pm

Giants 41, Bucs 34: The Game In Two GIFs

This wound up being a wild one—32 points scored in the fourth quarter alone, 25 of those by the Giants, who trailed 24-13 at the half. This was a fantasy football wet dream, too. Eli threw for over 500 yards and three touchdowns (three interceptions, though); 199 of those yards went to Nicks.
» 9/16/12 4:49pm 9/16/12 4:49pm