Angry Quarterbacks Of Angry Teams: Your Sunday Night Football Viewing Guide

Tom Brady is Angry. Joe Flacco is perturbed. The Patriots are looking to bounce back from a loss to the Skelton-less Arizona Cardinals and the Ravens think they got jobbed against the Philadelphia Eagles. You know they are looking to prove a point, he says in simultaneously worthless and authoritative color guy speak.… »9/23/12 8:20pm9/23/12 8:20pm


Andy Reid Is Mesmerized By Analysis: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

There are three groups of people currently watching football games. The people who just watched their team win and will enjoy the rest of their football watching day. The people who just watched their team lose who will begrudgingly watch football for the rest of the day, carefully planning bathroom breaks around… »9/23/12 4:13pm9/23/12 4:13pm