Bengals 34, Browns 27: The Game In Two GIFs

Some primo running in this one—and actually some primo passing too, and generally good football playing all around. It's like Sean always says (this morning), "it's these god-awful looking games that become the most compelling." This one wasn't the most compelling, but if you like long runs to the end zone, well, do I… » 9/16/12 6:35pm 9/16/12 6:35pm

Colts 23, Vikings 20: The Game In One GIF

Hey, Andrew Luck was pretty accurate, and drove the Colts down far enough down the field for an Adam Vinatieri field goal with eight seconds left in a very well-choreographed drive. And Christian Ponder was accurate too: 27 for 35 for 245 yards and two touchdowns. » 9/16/12 5:20pm 9/16/12 5:20pm